John Ratcliffe Puts Blinken ON BLAST

Former Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe couldn’t resist dropping in on Maria Bartiromo to talk about the notorious “spies who lie” letter. He also had a few observations on the role Antony Blinken had in crafting that election tilting letter.

Blinken on Biden campaign

Before Antony Blinken became Joe Biden’s Secretary of State, he worked real hard on Joe’s campaign. He’d been a trusted minion of the Biden family for years and passed messages to Hunter Biden on his private email account and through his wife.

When the story about Hunter’s laptop from hell broke in the press, just days before a critical debate between Joe and Donald Trump, Blinky needed help. Fast. He called his buddy Mike Morell.

Before Blinken commissioned the letter signed by 51 now discredited former intelligence officials, it had already been debunked. The spooks who signed it should have been aware that Ratcliffe, who was the proper person to make the official decision at the time because he was DNI then, had issued a statement.

That, he told Fox, “was a statement that I was making as the DNI and unequivocally stating the intelligence community’s position on the Biden laptop.

His expert opinion was “also based on conversations that I’d had with the Department of Justice and the FBI confirming that they did have that laptop and it was part of a money laundering investigation that was ongoing.

So, Ratcliffe explains, “Anthony Blinken and Mike Morrell and the 50 former intelligence officials who didn’t have access to intelligence” put the letter together. “It was 14 hours after I made those statements on national TV that they published this letter. So they knew that the letter that they were going to put out was false at that point.” They did it anyway.

Ron Johnson after him too

It seems that Blinken has half of Washington after him right now. Senator Ron Johnson is convinced Blinky lied to them under oath during his confirmation hearings.

They wanted to know how well connected the soon to be Secretary of State had been to Hunter Biden in the past. Barely knew the name, Blinky lied.

The only reason Antony Blinken came in for a transcribed interview voluntarily was because back in December of 2020, “he wanted to be secretary of state. And now because of more information that’s come out, we know that he lied boldface to Congress about never emailing Hunter Biden. My guess is he told a bunch of other lies that hopefully we’ll be able to bring him and his wife back in.

He has some advice for their lawyers. “Tell them to preserve their records. You cannot trust Joe Biden. You cannot trust Hunter Biden. You can’t trust the Biden family. You can’t trust some of the people that they have surround themselves with.

Blinken, Johnson declares, is one of Joe Biden’s “made men.” Sort of “Co-conspirators of the Biden family inside the agencies, inside our intelligence agencies, the Department of Justice, the FBI.

Besides that, Ratcliffe adds, “you have the political party, the Democrats who couldn’t care less, have no interest whatsoever in the corruption that is being uncovered bit by bit as we pull back the the layers of the onion here and then peel them back.

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