Mother BURNED ALIVE Thanks to This Idiotic Mistake

A Florida woman was left to burn to death after a random bystander made a completely idiotic mistake.

Shoi Delfin-Caballes pulled up to a gas station to fill up her SUV, assuming it was going to be just another average day.

Little did she know that this one incident would be the brutal death of her.

Just as Shoi was filling up her SUV with gas, a 66-year-old woman had mistakenly backed up into the gas pump, causing it to knock over and trap Shoi.

As Shoi was pinned in between the pump and her vehicle, the gas “erupted in flames” burning her alive.

At the time, two of Shoi’s children were sitting in the SUV.

And while they made attempts to save their mother by jumping out of the vehicle and using a fire extinguisher, they sadly were unsuccessful.

Luckily a nearby Good Samaritan pulled the kids to safety after seeing them using the fire extinguisher to put out the flames.

The man, Jared Pierson, stated that he hadn’t seen anyone in the SUV and by the time he had arrived, it was too late for him to save the mother.

“Apparently she was pinned against the gas tank – the gas pump – and her vehicle,” Pierson said, “By the time I was crossing the street, it was all a giant fireball. All I could do was pull the kids away and we all had to go across the way because I thought the gas station was gonna go up in flames.”

“The kids wouldn’t leave my side and my buddy’s side, so we let them sit with our bum gear, and that’s when we found out their mom was trapped in the car,” he said.

Had he known Shoi was trapped, Pierson said he would’ve tried to do more to help.

“I’m just relieved that the babies didn’t get hurt, and if I would’ve known – you always say the what ifs and all that, you know,” Pierson told the station.

“I just wish I would have known earlier where the mom was. If I would have known the mom was pinned there, something would have been different. I couldn’t find the mom. That’s what really hurts,” he added.

Watch it here: Youtube/WFLA

Sources: Awm, Mirror, Wfla


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