Dominion Voting Software Paper Trail CONFIRMED

Dominion Voting Systems has been attempting to deny obvious partisan bias and recent evidence shows the true intentions of this controversial software. 

More Dominion Drama

Claims of voting manipulation in the 2020 election have plagued the Dominion software. Now there are rumors of a potential U.S. military raid on servers located in Germany.

While Dominion denies having acted on partisan bias, it has confirmed giving donations to the Clinton Foundation and hired a former lobbyist of Nancy Pelosi.

The election management software has been used throughout the United States and the evidence keeps pouring in showing that there is a high likelihood that it misreported votes for Joe Biden that don’t exist.

Evidence Mounts

In one instance, election officials reported that the county clerk failed to update the software that was used to harvest the voting data from electronic tabulators. This was done in Michigan’s Antrim County which originally named Joe Biden as the winner.

Just The News reports:

In a lengthy, wide-ranging series of statements on its homepage, Dominion is rejecting claims made in the media and online by critics skeptical of the presidential results who fear that the firm is biased toward Democrats, including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.). 

Although Dominion did acknowledge that it made a philanthropic donation to a Clinton Global Initiative meeting in 2014, it also stated that the firm “has no company ownership relationships with any member of the Pelosi family, the Feinstein family, or the Clinton Global Initiative, Smartmatic, Scytl, or any ties to Venezuela.” 

Trump Taking On the Voting Software

President Donald Trump and his campaign are going after the software system and have said there is massive forthcoming evidence that will show undisputable bias.

One of President Trump’s attorneys, Sidney Powell said during various media interviews that Dominion was used to assure a “rigged” result showing Biden won over Trump.

“It’s a feature of the system that was designed with a backdoor, so that people could watch, in real-time, and calculate with an algorithm how many votes they needed to change to make the result they wanted to create,” Powell told Bolling. “It’s incredibly disturbing, and we will hopefully have evidence of it before the end of the week that we can produce publicly.” 

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