Fact Check: We Break Down Some Of The Lies of Biden’s Congressional Address

The Biden-Harris regime trotted out the elder figure-head for a DEFINITLEY NOT A STATE OF THE UNION Congressional address to what they unironically tried to call a “joint-session of Congress” *(read as: a handful of masked Congressmen and Senators who drew the short straw). We’re going to break this down using sources from both sides of the aisle. On the leftist’s side we’re going to use sources like the Associated Press. And for the right we’re going to refer sources like LouderWithCrowder.

Not Quite a Congressional Address

Authors note: For the record, for a President to address a “joint session of Congress”, Doesn’t Congress actually have to show up?)



Let’s break it down a few of the most flagrant lies in the “Congressional Address”.

Biden’s Immigration

Biden made the claim: “If you believe in a pathway to citizenship, pass (immigration legislation) so over 11 million undocumented folks, the vast majority who are here overstaying visas, pass it.” Referring to his proposed US Citizenship Act of 2021


Fact Check: According to the Federation for American Immigration Reform the ESTIMATED number of Illegal immigrants in the US is approximately 14.3 million as of 2019. You can check out how they reached that estimate on their website. Biden is also working off of an estimate, however it is one that is more friendly to his talking points. Even the Associated Press called this one.

“There is no official count of how many people entered the country legally and overstayed visas. The government estimates that 11.4 million were living in the country illegally as of January 2018 but doesn’t distinguish between how many entered legally and stayed after their visas expired and how many arrived illegally.”

Dan Stein, President of FairUs made a statement in response to Biden’s bill. “Perhaps the most laughable attempt the president made was passing off his massive amnesty bill as a means to secure our borders. ‘If you believe we need a secure border – pass it.’ Perhaps the president hasn’t read the bill. There is no border security or any other form of immigration enforcement in it.”

Biden made the claim: “When I was vice president, the president asked me to focus on providing help needed to address the root causes of migration. And it helped keep people in their own countries instead of being forced to leave. The plan was working, but the last administration decided it was not worth it. I’m restoring the program and I asked Vice President Harris to lead our diplomatic effort to take care of this.”

Fact Check: The AP wrote, “Biden led Obama’s efforts to address a spike in migration from Central America, but poverty and violence have been endemic for decades. Hundreds of millions of dollars of U.S. aid have gone to Central America annually, even during Donald Trump’s presidency, but migration from Mexico and Central America has continued unabated with periodic spikes.” Furthermore, the current Crisis at the Southern Border is absolutely of Biden’s creating.

The Daily Wire reported that even the AP’s Julie Pace knew this months ago. “But for all of their talk about that, all of their messaging on it, that’s not the message that is actually being received by a lot of migrants and so you do have this situation where people are increasingly coming to the border, families with young children do feel like this is a moment where they can get into the United States. They do feel like there’s going to be a more receptive policy from the Biden administration.

Biden on COVID

According to LouderwithCrowder,

Biden Claimed: “At the pace of vaccinations under Trump, we wouldn’t have reached 200M shots until September.”


Fact Check: According to the Washington Examiner, President Trump’s administration was already well on it’s way to meeting this goal. And that was before Biden’s botched J&J vaccine debacle.

Naomi Lim reported,

“By the time Biden sat in the Oval Office, for instance, vaccinators were already jabbing, on average, 1 million people a day.”

Biden on Spending

Biden Claimed: “There’s a broad consensus of economists — left, right, center — and they agree that what I’m proposing will help create millions of jobs and generate historic economic growth.” Claims bill will create “19 million jobs”

Fact Check: Biden’s “broad consensus” sounds a lot like his Democrat predecessor’s “settled science”, it only works when you ignore and discredit everyone who disagrees with you. Interestingly AP reported that one economists who cried foul was President Obama’s top economist and President Clinton’s treasury Secretary Larry Summers who “warned that Biden’s relief package risks rates of inflation not seen in a generation.” Douglas Holtz-Eakin, former Congressional Budget Office Director and GOP advisor said “The wealth taxes are a draconian tax on the annual return to that capital,” he said. “What matters is the amount of economic activity that is taxed, not the number of people.”

According to LouderwithCrowder who cited the Washington Post, Biden’s plan would only create 2.7 million jobs not “19 million”

A Congressional Address Not Directed At Congress

Biden’s address wasn’t directed at the American people, nor at the American Congress (they didn’t show up). The Biden-Harris regime’s target audience were the fringe left. Between the ultra-radical HR127 Gun Confiscation bill Biden is pushing, the SB7 National Red Flag law that RINO Sen. Marco Rubio introduced Biden is throwing red meat to his base. The Congressional address only served to polarize the nation further as more and more Republicans realized this government has absolutely no interest in even hearing their will let alone fulfilling it.

What Biden didn’t talk about was far more important:

  • Supreme Court Packing- Not a single mention of easily the most terrifying and controversial plans of his regime.
  • Filibuster reform- The Senate is still back and forth on the removal of the filibuster which is the Republicans final line of defense against the Democrat-Socialist agenda run amok.
  • Student loan debt- The far left of the party has been hammering Biden for Student Loan “forgiveness” which subsidizes the educational choices of some Americans on the years of back breaking work of others. According to The Hill, “he disagrees with that part of the party, which includes Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.), on loan forgiveness. Biden supports $10,000 in debt forgiveness, but he didn’t mention that in his speech Wednesday.” This is a terrifying prospect for Biden as the left flank of the party threatens to tear away from him and deprive him of their grassroots support.


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