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Elementary School Replaced The Pledge Of Allegiance With Is Absolutely Asinine

Back in the day when we were in school, everyone remembers how the day would start out by reciting the pledge of allegiance. And as an American, there’s nothing more iconic and patriotic…as we were taught young to stand and recite it with pride.

This tradition has been passed down for generations, but recently a charter school in Atlanta made headlines by deciding to replace this pledge with something they believe that is more “inclusive”: a “wolf pack chant.”

But is this really necessary?

The Atlanta Neighborhood Charter School recently decided to do away with their mandatory recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance and instead make students perform a “wolf pack chant” each morning before class starts.

The reasoning behind this decision was Principal Lara Zelski’s desire to “begin [the] day as a fully inclusive and connected community”. She believes that instead of pledging allegiance to the United States flag and what it stands for, students should focus on their responsibility towards their fellow students, their local community, country and global society instead.

While replacing the Pledge of Allegiance may seem like an attempt to be more inclusive, many people are questioning whether or not it truly accomplishes its goal. After all, what does reciting a wolf pack chant have anything to do with fostering a sense of inclusion among students from diverse backgrounds?

Critics argue that by removing such an iconic symbol which represents America’s values and history could lead some children to feel disconnected from their nation.

Furthermore, forcing young children who may not understand why such changes were necessary can create confusion rather than unity amongst them.

Fortunately after receiving backlash from many parents and other members of the community who found this decision inappropriate given its lack of appreciation for America’s values at such an early age – the school has now reversed course on their plans by saying that they will still start each day with the pledge after all.

While this news comes as relief for those who opposed replacing such an important part of American culture – it also serves as reminder as how quickly things can change if enough voices are raised against injustice or inequality within any given situation or institution.

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