DOZENS of Them Were Just Rescued From HUMAN TRAFFICKING

Thirty-five girls, many of who were teens but some even younger, have been rescued in Nigeria from a human trafficking scheme. The girls were raped, used as sex slaves, and forced to live in a “baby factory” where they were forced to bear children that were later sold on the black market. Nigerian police are being hailed as heroes for their bravery in saving these young victims.

The victims who were held in a hotel were forced to participate in sexual activity and be used against their will. The Sex Trafficking operation was situated in Nigeria’s Anambra state in the country’s southeast quadrant.

Sadly this is not a one-time tale as Nigerian police have previously released young women from so-called “baby factories.”  Such facilities are controlled by men that enslave women and force them to bear children to be sold on the illicit market. The children are highly valued as slaves in the labor and sex market but also the children are used as organ donors on the black market.

“(The criminals used these women) for sex slaves, prostitution, and a baby factory,” Tochukwu Ikenga, a spokesman for the state police, said.

It wasn’t just people that the Police seized. they were able to remove some guns, weapons, and cash during the raid at the Gally Hotel where the girls were held. Ikenga stated that although the inquiry is ongoing, the girls that were set free are being cared for as many were pregnant at the time of their rescue.

The girls have been given over to a government group that can assist in their rehabilitation. Nothing can ever take away the fear they undoubtedly experienced while residing in captivity, but with the correct care, they might be able to find hope for a better future.

Three suspects were arrested, two men who guarded the premises, and the assistant manager of the hotel. At their arrest, the police recovered three pump action rifles, seven cartridges, and the sum of N877,500. The three suspects have been charged with abducting teenagers, engaging in sexual slavery and prostitution as well as a charge related to the operation of a baby factory.

However, the Gally Hotel’s proprietor is on the run.

Ikenga said that “All suspects will be charged to court at the end of investigations.”

The girls, when questioned about where they came from, claim to be from various states across the nation, including Anambra, Delta, Rivers, Enugu, Ebonyi, and Benue.

It is common to lure girls into human trafficking with the promise of work. This was seen in some of the girl’s stories as they claimed to be lured into the industry on the pretense of “coming to work as sales girls,” and that they were then imprisoned and detained without anyone in their family knowing where they were.

The story is incredibly sad as many of the young girls had already given birth to multiple babies who are now forever beyond their reach. The captors. would sell the infants right after birth.

Sources: AWM, Macaubusiness, Timesofindia


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