Watch as Lindsey Graham Gets Booed All over the Place After Saying THIS

Most of the GOP knows Senator Lindsey Graham as being a tried and true RINO and now he is once again showing his true colors.

Vaccine Crazies Grow

In the day and age where freedoms are being stripped from people across the globe, it is politicians like Graham who are making the crucial issue worse.

The South Carolina senator was addressing a crowd of Republicans and decided to tell them what to do with their bodies.

“If you haven’t had the vaccine, you ought to think about getting it because if you’re my age — ” Graham said.

That’s when Republicans cut him off and began to boo. This was reminiscent of when President Trump tried the same thing and got booed by his supporters at one of his rallies which is a very uncommon thing.


It shows that overstepping boundaries and helping to further medical tyranny is happening on both sides of the political aisle.

Graham Ruffles Feathers

The 66-year-old “Republican” senator is known for ruffling GOP feathers with his RINO opinions but his recent vaccine comments pushed the crowd too far.

After the loud boos and the crowd yelling “No!” Graham tried to save face.

He responded, “I didn’t tell you to get it. You ought to think about it.”

Graham of course got he got the“vaccine” in December but still experience catching COVID like what has been happening to many in the “vaccinated” population.

Crowd Gets Rowdy

Even though he still caught COVID, the senator said in regards to the shot, “I’m glad I got it.” He also told the crowd that it is unvaccinated that are the ones in the hospital.

The crowd got angered by this false sentiment and shouted “False!” and “Not true!” To make matters even worse, Graham liked the experimental MRNA shot to getting the measles vaccine.

It is not looking good for RINOs as conservatives are fed up with anti-conservative ideals being pushed by those on the right. Will primaries fix this? Only time will tell.

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