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Disgusting Bill Cosby Allegations Surface

Disgraced actor Bill Cosby has just been hit with another lawsuit, as a new individual has stepped forward with claims that Cosby raped her back in 1972. The woman, Donna Motsinger, revealed that she met Cosby at a restaurant where she had been working.

The production firm Jemmin Inc. and the Circle Star Theater Corp. are also named as defendants in the lawsuit, which claims that Cosby groomed Motsinger for his future assault when he asked to call her son from the payphone inside the restaurant.

Motsinger claims that during one particular week when she was working at the restaurant, Cosby came in every day to talk to her and then asked if she’d like to attend his performance at the Circle Star Theater in San Carlos that night.

In the limo ride there, he gave her a glass of wine which made her feel sick; he then allegedly gave her an “aspirin” which caused her to go in and out of consciousness until she woke up back home with all of her clothes off except for underwear – no top, no bra, no pants.

The suit also argues that Cosby had a history of preying upon women through using his wealth, power fame and prestige to give them access to celebrities and entertainers; it further alleges that businesses making money off of him failed to act responsibly or covered up instances of sexual assault by him.

Attorney Jesse Creed is among those representing Motsinger who said “companies and organizations not only provided a platform for Mr. Cosby to showcase his fame and fortune to lure in women, but then put their own profits over the safety of their female guests by turning a blind eye to Mr. Cosby’s alleged sexual assaults on women.”

Cosby’s legal team has not yet replied publicly regarding this latest lawsuit but he has denied all past allegations against him; publicist Andrew Wyatt accused women of having an “addiction to massive amounts of media attention and greed” while claiming they would never be allowed parade various accounts without vetting them first both inside courtrooms as well as within public opinion circles.

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