DeSantis Has Told His People To Prepare For Battle

Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis has instructed conservatives to put on “the full armor of God” to prepare for the battle at midterm elections.

The Daily Wire reported that DeSantis warned about the left attempting to “muddy the waters” and “create a storm of lies to mislead us all from what’s actually going on” while at the Sunshine Summit’s Victory Dinner.

DeSantis explained to the crowd that just like the rest of the country, Florida has experienced a significant amount of challenges recently.

The 43-year-old governor stated, “In times like these, it’s not enough to just be right on the issues.”

“Because in times like these, there’s no substitute for courage. You got to have the courage of your convictions to be willing to stand up against the media. You got to have the courage to stand up against things like cancel culture. You got to have the courage to stand up to the woke mob,” DeSantis told the sold-out audience. “You got to have the courage to stand in the way of the Brandon administration.”

DeSantis expressed his hopes for Floridian’s future and asserted that he would continue to maintain speaking out against leftists anti-liberty ideologies to preserve the freedom of the sunshine state.

“We are just getting warmed up,” DeSantis said. “I have only begun to fight. I’m standing my ground, walking the line all the way to the finish line, and I can tell you this: with your help, and everybody behind us, there is no doubt in my mind that come November, we are going to keep the state of Florida free.”

“Democrats opposed everything I did to protect your freedom,” DeSantis added, “If they had their way this state would be Faucian dystopia.”

The governor stated that the left’s rhetoric has caused a large number of people to move over to support the Republican side due to the failures of leftist ideas.

“Even people that are not Republicans, and even people that have been voting for Democrats … they see, in their own life, the effect of Biden’s policies. And so they are dissatisfied. And so we have an opportunity to build a massive coalition here in the state of Florida, and I think it’s there for the taking,” DeSantis said.

“But you got to be ready for battle,” the Sunshine State governor cautioned. “So put on the full armor of God.”

Sources: Dailywire, Americanactionnews, Ussanews


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