Dems Quietly Restrict Ability to Investigate White House Actions

Dems have managed to quietly hijack oversight of the executive branch away from conservatives. The latest liberal effort to cover up the misdeeds of Joe Biden and the Imperial Palace has Republicans in congress hopping mad.

Dems duck and cover

The Democrat controlled House Rules Committee has issued some rather one sided rules lately. Dems aren’t about to let Republicans get their hands on one of the most effective tools in the oversight toolbox.

The Trump administration put a temporary hold on “Resolutions of Inquiry” due to the COVID-19 crisis overload on Congress but now that the emergency is over, the left wants to suspend the practice permanently. Or, at least while they have the majority. The “tool is traditionally utilized by the minority party in Congress to request information from the executive branch.”


Conservative Republicans are trying their best to figure out what went wrong in Afghanistan and it’s no surprise that dems are blocking the effort at every turn. Another aspect is that Democrats don’t want Republicans to be asking all sorts of embarrassing questions about the ongoing and escalating invasion of our southern border. The temporary suspension of “a procedural move known as Resolutions of Inquiry” was supposed to be up in March.

Congress extended it to April officially but they’re still not putting it back into action. The deadline’s been pushed back to October 27 “with no indication that the committee will reverse the rule when that time comes.”

The dems are just being weasels, Rules Committee Ranking Republican Tom Cole of Oklahoma declares.


“Although Democrats claim that turning off the use of Resolutions of Inquiry is related to available floor time, it is really a move to shield the Biden Administration from answering legitimate questions about its abject failures and missteps.”

Real problem is ‘privilege’

The dems are keeping the procedure locked away in a drawer because of the way it works. Republicans make an inquiry which is sent to the relevant committee with 14 days to respond. “If the committee fails to address the inquiry it is then sent to the House floor.”

When it gets there, it has top priority status as a “privileged resolution.” That means before Democrats can work on their projects they have to explain the chaos in Kabul and the illegal immigrant invasion first. “Republicans have consistently tried to disrupt the House Floor, demanding votes even on noncontroversial bills that they support,” liberals whine.

The House Foreign Affairs Committee is angry with the dems over the ROI madness too. They want answers from Biden and the palace about the Nord Stream 2 Pipeline. They had the staffers working furiously on an ROI in August “before learning their attempt would be futile.” Even Congress was in the dark about the extra extensions.

“Democratic leadership has suspended a centuries-old House rule that allows for more congressional oversight – all to protect President Biden from scrutiny for the multiple disasters his failed leadership has caused,” committee ranking member Michael McCaul declared. The Texas Republican is upset. “The Majority needs to lift this indefinite ban on resolutions of inquiry and allow for vigorous oversight.”

One thing is certain. If the shoe were on the other foot dems would be singing a different tune. We know because that’s what happened when they were in the back seat.

“When House Democrats were in the minority during the 115th Congress, they had no qualms about using resolutions of inquiry to demand information from the Trump administration.” In fact, 18 ROI’s were “submitted during the first two years of Donald Trump’s presidency.”

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