Democrat Leader Apologizes For Her Racial Discrimination, 6 Yrs & 2 Jury Verdicts Later

Arizona Secretary of State and Democratic long-shot candidate for Governor, Katie Hobbs is having a bad day… the kind of bad day that ends campaigns. Even after Hobbs publicly apologizes REPEATEDLY to a Democratic policy advisor to the State Senate Toloyna Adams for her role in her 2015 firing, she still can’t stop the bleeding. As so frequently happens in the world of cancel-culture, it appears that Hobbs’ efforts to apologize and prostrate herself before the woke-mob have not only failed to repair the damage but have made her an even more appealing target. As the Associated Press reported, “An apology video published to Twitter Wednesday is Hobbs’ most forceful response to a firestorm that has threatened to upend her frontrunner campaign for governor.” However, there is an important correction to be made, the PR disaster no longer ‘threatens’ to toss Hobb’s ‘front-runner’ status, it appears to have been a fatal blow.

“I think she’s always been very uncomfortable with minorities.”, said Talonya Adams.


A jury in November awarded a $2.75 million judgment to Adams after finding that she was indeed subject to racial and gender discrimination that culminated in her firing as well as retaliation for complaints about her salary. Adams is now taking the appropriate steps to sue Hobbs directly for her role. As recently as Dec. 9th it was reported that Hobbs continued to assert Adams was fired for “legitimate reasons”.

Tucson.com reports, “Hobbs testified at the federal court trial that she had “lost confidence’’ in Adams and that Adams, in going to Washington state to be with her son who was in the hospital, had abandoned her job.”

But the Secretary of State has made an abrupt about-face in response to scathing response from her woke-Democrat Socialist base.


Adams has delivered what is likely to amount to a killing blow to Hobbs candidacy and other Democrats are piling on. “Her response is a response to a political crisis,’’ she said. “It is not a response to racism. Her statement is not an apology.’’

“She is not fit to serve, not as the governor of the state of Arizona and not as the secretary of state,’’ Adams concluded.

And as Dr. Kelli Ward, AZGOP Chair pointed out… Hobbs even spelled Tolonya’s name wrong in her statement… Oooof

When Someone Apologizes That’s One Thing… This is Another

An apology, whether heartfelt and convincing or not is one thing. But what Hobbs has done in the last 48 hours is nothing less than to prostrate herself grovelingly before the Democrat-Socialist, BLM racial-justice elite with a series of promises not designed to change her or how she conducts herself professionally or truly benefit black, latino, native, or asian Arizonans. What she proposes in a statement released Dec. 9th is to construct a ‘racial equity’ framework to ensure that rather than meritocracy reigning in the government a system that favors employees both current and prospective based upon their racial characteristics prevails. Essentially her solution to discrimination based upon race and gender… is to enact and codify discrimination based upon race and gender.

She wrote,

“First, my campaign will continue to recruit, hire and elevate women and people of color to leadership positions.

Second, as governor, I will create a chief equity officer to implement measures to build a more diverse government including revamping the Office of Equal Opportunity to ensure clear and direct human resources protocols within every government workplace.

Third, I’ll create a position within each agency dedicated to collaborating with communities of color and marginalized communities.

You’ll also be hearing from me about our plans to tackle the issues that are important to all Arizonans, but often disproportionately impact communities of color. I know there’s more work to be done. “

This is an act of almost Chamberlain-level appeasement giving the woke-mob a state government where hiring and human resources decisions are decided based not upon merit but by perceived victimhood, skin color, and sex. Hobbs is likely to discover though that as Winston Churchill warned: “You can’t reason with a tiger when your head is in its mouth.”

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