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Dem Senator BETRAYS Joe Biden… Even He’s Had ENOUGH

For the last three years, just about every Democrat in the party has stood behind Joe Biden’s agenda.

The only real pushback we have seen has been when Senator Joe Manchin (D-W.V.) resisted some spending bills, but he eventually caved when Biden gave him some bones for his state.

There has also been some pushback on the Israel-Hamas war, but that is from the extremists in the party.

The core of the Democratic party was loyal to Biden, but that is starting to change as we approach the election.

It’s All About Me, It’s All About I, It’s About Number One

That line is a variation of Toby Keith’s song “I Wanna Talk About Me,” but it very much pertains to how the Democrat Party is acting with Joe Biden right now.

We are starting to see pushback from different members of the party regarding issues relative to their states so they can protect their own seats in this election.

For Senator Jeff Merkley (D-OR), the problem is that with $1.7 billion earmarked for charging stations for EVs, only a handful have been operational since the legislation was passed.

He embarrassed Federal Highway Administration Administrator Shailen Bhatt on the snail-like progress of the program.

When Merkley asked Bhatt how many stations were ready, he initially said there were “under 100,” but Merkley had the real report in front of him, saying that he heard it was “only seven.”

He continued, “You can’t really depend on an electric car if there isn’t a charging capability, and the fact that we passed this bill years ago and not one charging station has been built in my state, and only seven, as you put it, seven sites around the country, that is a vast administrative failure.”

Right now, there are two issues with EVs that are preventing most Americans from wanting to buy them.

First, there is the issue that those who need performance vehicles cannot find anything that matches the power of these gasoline-powered work trucks.

Second, even the best EVs can only go about 300 miles or so on a charge, and that just won’t do it in some parts of the country if you are trying to drive long distances.

So, you cannot take a long trip since there is the fear of being stuck in an area where there are no charging stations.

Until those problems are fixed, EVs will never become a popular choice in this country.


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