Biden’s Approval Rating Has Gotten So Low That…

As the number of challenges increase, Joe Biden’s approval rating continues to plummet and his predictions and promises of a hopeful political future for the Democratic party seem like a complete joke. Instead, we’ve suffered a pandemic, soaring gas prices, and rising inflation. And as more Americans turn their back against him, Biden’s popularity tanks.

Not to mention that Biden’s uneasiness will continue to increase since even his fellow Democrats are against him now.

The power and influence of the U.S on the international front has been dampened severely by Biden’s lack-luster leadership and no foreign policy agenda, which makes it very understandable why his approval has fallen faster than any other president in recent years.

The CIVIQS rolling job-approval average put President Joe Biden’s approval rating is at its lowest point in his presidency, at only 32% approval and 57% disapproval.

Biden’s approval rating is far below the average in 48 states, including the hyper-blue state of California and even his home state of Delaware. However, it’s important to note that only 11% of poll respondents indicated their approval or disapproval of him. Only Hawaii and Vermont are the states where Biden is above water.

Biden’s net approval is at negative 25, a value that no president in recent history has ever seen, especially so early in office.

Biden’s approval rating has dropped 2% in the past two months, leaving him at just 32%, or the lowest value it has been since he was elected president.

Additionally, independent voters are disapproving of Biden, which is one of the groups in the nation that has grown more crucial in recent years for winning an election. His support from this group only reaches 20%, meanwhile 67% disapprove, and 13% have no view.

This is the lowest approval rating Biden has ever received, having been in office for only a little over a year.

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