County Official Arrested Over Reporter’s Brutal Murder

Las Vegas authorities raided the home of murder suspect and Clark County Public Administrator Robert Telles. They didn’t announce an arrest so he probably wasn’t home at the time. He wasn’t at work either. “Though Telles remains in office through the end of the year, his whereabouts on Wednesday morning were unknown. His parking spot sat empty at the public administrator’s office on Shadow Lane.

Wanted for murder

Police haven’t officially charged Robert Telles with the murder of Las Vegas Review-Journal investigative reporter Jeff German but the press has. They’re taking this one personally because German’s death was directly related to his work as an investigative journalist.

He’s been covering the former official in a series of stories and the picture he painted with words wasn’t flattering. Today’s flurry of police activity is the latest development in a saga stretching back to May.

Around 7 a.m. on September 7, reporters were on hand to watch uniformed patrol officers raid the home of Telles. They also taped off a section around the area. By 9 a.m., police said “they were serving search warrants in the 7200 block of Bronze Circle, where the killing occurred.”

No further information will be provided at this time.” They aren’t calling Telles a suspect in the murder, yet. Earlier in the week they posted pictures of his car and described it as linked to their unsub.

German first started covering Telles in May and the 45-year-old Democrat lost his re-election bid in June. You could say he carried a grudge. It all started when estate coordinator Roberta Lee-Kennett was identified “as a subordinate staffer allegedly involved in an ‘inappropriate relationship‘ with Telles.

A whistleblower filmed them in the back seat of her car. Not only that, Telles was a “bully” in the office. Apparently hot-headed enough to commit murder.

Fatally stabbed in an altercation

Las Vegas police found the 69-year-old reporter dead outside his northwest Las Vegas home on September 3. Officials believe German “was fatally stabbed during an altercation the day before.” They released two pieces of surveillance footage concerning the murder.

The first shows an unidentified suspect wearing a wide straw hat, gloves and a bright orange long-sleeved shirt. The other captures a vehicle police say was tied to the suspect: a 2007 to 2014 red or maroon GMC Yukon Denali with chrome handles and a sunroof.

Guess what. “Hours after the vehicle’s image was released on Tuesday, Review-Journal reporters spotted Telles in the driveway of his home with a vehicle matching that description. They also observed the vehicle at his home Wednesday morning.


What they didn’t spot was Telles. If he was there he probably would have been charged with the murder right there on the spot. That video tape would never have been made if Telles hadn’t been such a jerk at work.

German’s death came months after he reported that current and former employees alleged that Telles fueled a hostile work environment and carried on a relationship that impaired the office’s ability to deal with the public.

The complaints “led to co-workers secretly videotaping the two in the back seat of Lee-Kennett’s car in a parking garage. The story also included claims of bullying and favoritism by Telles.” Murder won’t make the accusations go away. Local bookies are offering 2:1 when cops find him, he won’t be breathing.

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