China Claims New Space Laser is Not a Weapon…or So They Say

A bombshell report has been released indicating that The People’s Republic of China has developed a laser system that is allegedly designed to allow for high-speed communications, tracking and target identification according to The South China Morning Post and while experts believe this initial system is not a weapon, it could easily be converted into one.

Victor Tangermann wrote for Futurism, “While experts believe this particular device isn’t a weapon — it weighs less than 3.3 pounds, including its power source — experts believe a “bigger version can be,” as an unnamed laser scientist with the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing told the newspaper, ominously.”

This type of directed energy laser could tear apart targets at great distances through the generation of shock waves based upon the reports from the Chinese media. The charged particles generated by such a system could potentially be sued to inflict serious damage to ground-based missile guidance, the type of damage that is an extremely real threat to both orbital, airborne and strategic assets.

The South China Morning Post, a Hong Kong-based publication once owned by Rupert Murdoch has seen a gradual transformation into another propaganda organ for Beijing and it shows. They wrote,

“A Chinese team said it had developed a small but powerful laser device that could be used on a satellite, but would only be deployed for non-destructive purposes.

The device could be used in a wide range of applications, including identifying a target, tracking, imaging and high-speed communication, said project lead scientist Liu Chong, of the college of optical science and engineering at Zhejiang University, in a paper published in the domestic peer-reviewed journal Aerospace Shanghai last month.

The device can generate a powerful 1 megawatt laser light and can fire 100 shots per second for nearly half an hour without overheating in a space environment, according to its developers.

The pulse laser device – which is about the size of a 500ml (16.7 fluid ounce) can – could fit in a small satellite and weighs less than 1.5 kilograms (3.3 pounds), including the power source.”

The remainder of the extremely verbose propaganda piece lays out the argument that the US military is also fielding a more powerfully albeit considerably larger system, supplying an air reasonability to the highly provocative action s of the Chinese Communist Party, as they engage upon what is clearly an escalation of the ongoing arms race between the “Peoples Liberation Army” (which can only be judged as ‘liberating’ in the most sarcastic sense possible.) and their western counterparts.

While Biden Is Asleep At The Wheel: China Builds

According to Futurism, the situation is this:

“While the US has recently imposed sanctions on China’s laser-developing efforts, it’s simultaneously working on its own laser-based one-megawatt weapon system destined for orbit, according to SCMP. The weapon is designed to be able to shoot down hypersonic weapons before they strike their targets.

Meanwhile, according to the paper, China is readying its new laser for its first test mission in space after several ground trials.

The country is also making great strides in developing lasers that allow satellites to take highly detailed images and transfer data back to the ground at extremely high speeds.

Meanwhile, rumors abound that the US military plans to launch a 1-megawatt laser weapon to space next year according to unconfirmed reports and the U.S. Navy has already field-tested the ship-based application of this technology by neutralizing a floating target from a moving vessel, indicating an early lead in the 21st-century arms race, in spite of absent leadership from Washington, D.C. since January 2021.

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