HHS Sec Makes Announcement

The Health and Human Services department won’t have Secretary Alex Azar to kick around anymore. Friday night he called it quits, tweeting out the announcement with a copy of his resignation letter to the President. From the look of the way HHS has been running, nobody will notice the difference.

HHS Secretary steps down

Over at the HHS, they’re already throwing parties. The Health and Human Services Department has long been a liberal Democrat stronghold so the staff is thrilled to see a Trump appointee hit the highway. Whoever the New World Order appoints to fill his shoes is going to have a rough time of it.

Not only are Democrats howling mad at the way the Trump administration handled anything remotely Covid related, whether they got it right or not, the American people that the department is supposed to represent haven’t been getting the services Democrats promise. Lawsuits are flying like snowflakes in a blizzard.


Azar will keep the reins of the HHS firmly in hand, until Wednesday. That’s when Joe Biden takes over his reign as allegedly the top administrator for the new illegitimate post-constitutional regime. By noon tomorrow Alex will be packing his fishing gear.

“I believe it is my duty to help ensure a smooth transition to President-elect Biden’s team during the pandemic and will remain as Secretary through January 20.” It’s only business, he notes. “I handed in my letter this week along with every other political appointee, effective January 20 at noon.”

Azar pointed out what he calls successes at the HHS under his watch including “rapid development of coronavirus vaccines and therapeutics, which he said saved “hundreds of thousands or even millions of American lives.”


He neatly sidestepped any mention of the rampant “disability discrimination in the health care and child welfare systems.” We’re not talking about discrimination against folks like “illegal aliens.” They always got top priority for protection. Child welfare is down the tubes.

Other than human

On top of that, the lives of roughly 100 million Americans are impacted by sensitivity to common household chemicals. A significant fraction of them, the ones affected the worst, cannot even access basic health care due to their disability restrictions.

HHS doesn’t want to even acknowledge these “mutants” exist and there is a strong push to have those who call themselves “canaries” classified as “other than Human” so they can evade responsibility. After all, it’s Health and Human Services, not Health and Mutant Services.

HHS admitted in a statement that the agency “is aware that significant discrimination on the basis of disability against persons with disabilities persists in the nation’s health care system.”

With the New World Order taking control, “federal officials are weighing a rewrite of regulations designed to ensure that people with disabilities do not face discrimination from medical providers amid persistent concerns about unequal access.”

They don’t mention a single word about chemicals though. They could be paving the way to “rewrite” mutant canaries right out of the rules. That would help the pharmaceutical racket quite a bit. HHS is walking a tightrope. If they are going to keep making promises, the folks they are supposed to be helping will keep insisting that the department follow through. Even if they have to prove they are “people” first.

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