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Breaking: Trump Suspended Permanently

There is yet another problem with Trump being convicted… he loses his concealed carry permit.

While it was never really in the news, Trump’s permit had already been suspended.

But with the conviction, the NYPD will reportedly revoke his permit permanently.

Can’t Carry

When the indictments were handed down last year, the NYPD had suspended Trump’s permit.

Now, this is not exactly a big deal considering Trump has an army of Secret Service around him, but still.

Trump reportedly surrendered two of the three guns that he had his carry permits for, with the third gun having been transported down to Florida.

The latest report on the NYPD moving forward with revoking his permit stated, “Under federal law and state law in New York and Florida, people with felony convictions are barred from possessing a firearm.”

Trump can appeal the decision, but based on the luck he has already been having in New York, he is probably better served to allow the appeals process to play out before he moves forward with that.

Trump is also reportedly about to lose his right to vote, technically.

Florida’s voting laws require the state to follow the decision of the state where the conviction occurred, but Governor DeSantis has already spoken on this, stating that he has every intent on restoring Trump’s voting rights if they are suspended by New York.

There has been no formal decision announced on this front, and Trump has not really discussed it, which is honestly surprising.

It would be pretty interesting to see a presidential candidate who was not even permitted to vote for himself in an election, something I don’t think we have ever seen in this country before.

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