Bombshell: USPS Workers Were Told to Back Date Mail in Ballots!!!

Bombshell: USPS Workers Were Told to Back Date Mail in Ballots!!!

James O’Keefe, founder of Project Veritas, reported on November 4 that a Michigan USPS worker claimed that he was told by his superiors to back-date late mail-in ballots received after Election Day.

The postal worker, whose identity was kept anonymous, told O’Keefe that he works in the state’s Traverse City Barlow branch.


The USPS is reportedly aware of the video, and has referred the situation to the USPS and the Office of Inspector General.

According to the Epoch Times, “The unnamed self-proclaimed postal worker alleged in the interview with Project Veritas that on Nov. 4, he and his colleagues were issued a directive by his direct supervisor, Jonathan Clarke, at the Barlow branch to collect any ballots they found in mailboxes, collection boxes, and any outgoing mail, and separate them at the end of the day so that they could be hand stamped with the previous day’s date—Nov. 3, Election Day.”

“So I’ve, and this is anecdotal, [a] carrier down in another office said they watched the postmaster doing it. If it were just a typical day, it would be clerks doing it up at the distribution center,” the USPS whistleblower said.


Michigan is a crucial swing state with 16 Electoral College votes, and approximately 7.7 million registered voters, with 1.3 million of them on the permanent absentee ballot list. In 2016, President Trump won Michigan by a margin of only 0.3 percent, or 10,704 votes, over Hillary Clinton.

The president has criticized widespread mail-in ballot initiatives, saying that they invite corruption, and lead to ballot harvesting, allowing people who have moved to fraudulently vote, and allow for the possibility of ballots being lost in the mail.

Of course, Democrats say that mail-in voting is completely secure, as long as the failing USPS is adequately funded.

President Trump‘s campaign filed lawsuits on Wednesday to halt vote counting in Michigan and Pennsylvania until GOP observers are given access to the facilities and their counting process.

“We were getting ready to win this election. Frankly, we did win this election. So our goal now is to ensure the integrity, for the good of this nation,” Trump said.

  1. Michigan is so corrupt. The governor should of been already arrested for crimes against the people of Michigan. She murder thousands of old people. Now the voting machines are rigged. Trump won and everyone knows it. Democrats will destroy America. You fools wanting socialism are not americans.

  2. Once the poll is closed no mail in ballots should be received and or counted. That would be no different that If I went to the poll to vote after it closed. Do you think they would open and allow me to come in and vote. People that had mail in ballots had more than enough time to fill them out and send them in. If they failed to do that then it is no fifferent that waiting till after the polls closed to go and try to vote in person.

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