USPS Suddenly Can't Account for 300,000 Ballots

USPS Suddenly Can’t Account for 300,000 Ballots

The USPS has said in a court document that 300,000 ballots may have been misplaced, as they had been scanned into its facilities, but had not been scanned out.

U.S. District Judge Emmet Sullivan, who ordered the U.S. Postal Service to sweep mail processing facilities in 15 states on Tuesday to find the missing ballots and have them delivered on time, was furious Wednesday that the USPS had defied his order.

Rather than complying with Judge Sullivan’s order, the USPS decided to keep to its own schedule. This raised concerns that, at the very least, tens of thousands of ballots would not be delivered to polling stations in time to be counted.

“It just leaves a bad taste in everyone’s mouth for the clock to run out — game’s over — and then to find out there was no compliance with a very important court order,” Sullivan said. The judge also suggested that he would demand a deposition from Postmaster General Louis DeJoy.

Notably, 81,000 untraced ballots spread across multiple swing states are confirmed missing. According to analysis by left-wing outlet the Washington Post, the missing ballots “are unlikely to affect the outcome of the presidential race.”

The USPS also claimed that the ballots may have been hand-sorted and delivered without an exit scan, though it did not provide data to indicate how prevalent that practice has been. It did disclose that 7 percent of ballots in its sorting facilities on Tuesday were not delivered in time to be counted.

“Even in a worst-case scenario where all potentially misplaced ballots in a state are permanently lost, those ballots amount to just a fraction of both current two-party vote margins and estimates of the number of outstanding ballots yet to be tallied,” the Post reports.

For instance, the maximum 6,624 missing votes in Georgia represent just 8 percent of the margin between President Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.

The Post reports that in other states, the number of missing ballots is larger, at least 11,000 in Pennsylvania and at least 16,000 in Florida. The missing ballots in Arizona make up at least 24% of the margin between Trump and Biden.

Also, the Post’s analysis that “misplaced mail ballots will not be a significant factor in final vote tallies” has the caveat that it might be a factor if “the final presidential vote margins shrink to low three- or four-digit numbers in the coming days.” That is a distinct possibility in some states like Arizona and Georgia.

  1. There is no other way to say the Democrats have stole the election, but they have. By paying people off (USPS) and others they have threw the election to favor Biden. I think that Trump at this time has many people working on who to arrest for all of the voter fraud. Of course the ones that get locked up for voter fraud before a new President takes over will soon after be relisted. This was one of those elections that it didn’t matter who people voted for, it was who counted the votes. These people that did the voter fraud knew that they could change the outcome of the election Biden and would release them if they got caught.

  2. I’am sorry to say I was a mailman. To see these people doing what they are doing is really a turn off.

  3. Fire the Postmaster General and fire every Postmaster in those Post Offices involved and place honest people int here places. There is no excuse to stall on a federal Judges orders or to ignore thousands of American voters.

  4. Typical leftists-they know ballots were missing, but what the hell there weren’t that many (a little voter fraud is OK as long as it don’t get out of hand…right?). The problem is there are so many places along the route from ballot to vote and we get just a little at each step and soon enough we are talking thousands of votes miscast. One interesting observation is that it seems that every misstep seemed to give an advantage to Biden. Vote counting machine malfunction (or whatever) and Trump votes get moved to Biden. In Republican areas of Arizona, Sharpies are handed out to vote-counting machines don’t properly record votes if Sharpies are used-advantage Biden. Ballots are misplaced-all for Trump-advantage Biden. Ballots are found in ditches, culverts and trash cans-all Trump-advantage Biden. Lyndon Johnson said in government, there are no coincidences, so if everything that can go wrong goes in a single direction-they are planned errors. But they would like us to believe we just saw a completely legal election. Nope!

  5. According to analysis by left-wing outlet the Washington Post, the missing ballots “are unlikely to affect the outcome of the presidential race.”

    Nothing to see here…..move along….even though ALL the missing ballots were for Biden and zero for Trump….jus a little “left overs” from the fraud .

  6. Those were the ballots replaced by Biden/Harris votes the Biden/Harris van seen off loading ballots to a vote counting building

  7. 73 of the 80 Michigan counties registered over 100% voter turn out….most were over 104%….”move along, nothing to see here”… every thing is legit….

  8. Is this a surprise to anyone? Postal workers are UNION and vote sociaist/democrat/liberal.

    My bet is that most if not ALL of the “lost” ballots are for Trump.

  9. What about all those stolen ballots that were in the mail truck going over the Canadian border? Is anyone checking into that?

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