Key Battleground State FINALLY Looking at Election Audit to Find the TRUTH

Key Battleground State FINALLY Looking at Election Audit to Find the TRUTH

A key battleground state is preparing to perform an election audit, as lawmakers are determined to know what happened in the 2020 election.


According to Arizona state Senator Sonny Borrelli, GOP lawmakers are getting ready to audit election equipment and ballots from the 2020 election.

“We’re proceeding to hire a team of experts — it’s not just one company, it’s going to be a team of experts, if you will — to perform the audit… We will be finding somebody this week,” Borrelli said.

“What’s the difference between what the Senate is doing versus what Maricopa County did a few weeks ago?” Christina Bobb, reporter for One America News, asked Borrelli.

“Well, all Maricopa County did was certify the machines were operating properly. Like I said before, your cable guy comes up, sets up your entertainment system, and just certifies that your remote control works. That’s it, that’s not an audit. They can call it an audit, but it’s not an audit. They can call it a ham sandwich, but it’s really baloney. We’re not gonna feed anybody baloney, we’re gonna do a full forensic audit. Door to door, carpet to ceiling, everything,” Borrelli responds.

Corruption in Maricopa County

“We’ve seen, just a few days ago, reports that somebody in Maricopa County found a dumpster full of shredded ballots. Are you aware of that, and what is your understanding of that situation?” Bobb asked.

“Yes I am aware of it. I’ve seen the pictures of it, and the pictures are very compelling. It looks like they are possibly 2020 ballots, but we need to get that. If we don’t verify it, or law enforcement doesn’t verify it, all we have is a bag of shredded paper. Those people need to bring it forward either to law enforcement or bring it to the Senate, so we can verify it. If it is 2020 ballots, then we can turn that over to the attorney general because there is an ongoing investigation,” he responded.

The One America News reporter then asked if anyone would be held accountable if fraud was discovered.

“After we get done with the audit, if there is something where we can prove that the law was broken, we would actually turn that over to the attorney general because they actually have prosecutional [sic] authority, the Senate does not… I don’t think somebody that goes out of their way to change election results, break election laws, should get away with that, because that just undermines the very fabric of this country,” Borrelli stated.

The official Twitter account for the Arizona Senate Republicans shared a statement on the audit, and more corrupt actions being taken in Maricopa County, which read:

“On Friday, a Superior Court judge ruled in favor of the Senate, that its subpoenas are legal and enforceable, and the Senate is entitled to audit voting equipment and ballots used in the November election. Monday, the Senate received notice of the imminent delivery of those machines and ballots. We were shocked when we were told that attorneys for the Maricopa County Board recommended doing something like this, potentially breaking the chain of custody of the ballots. The attorney for the Senate immediately contacted the county, reasserting that the Senate felt the best way to maintain the security of machines and ballots was to leave them at the county and have the independent auditors come to them, as was done with the first two audits.

President Fann and Board Chairman Jack Sellers are keeping in close contact, working on a mutual arrangement to keep the ballots safe and secure as the firm performs a detailed audit while ensuring the people’s ballots are secure. Our citizens expect nothing less.”


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