BLM and ANTIFA Begin Attacking Innocent Americans

BLM and ANTIFA Begin Attacking Innocent Americans…Mainstream Media Is Silent

BLM and ANTIFA begin attacking innocent Americans and the mainstream media is silent. Multiple conservative media outlets have released videos of the #MillionMagaMarch in Washington, D.C. on Saturday. Many are disturbing in nature and reveal the brutal, indiscriminate violence of Black Lives Matter and Antifa. The silence of the Left leaning mainstream media is deafening. (WARNING: Video is disturbing. Strong language and violence against children).

BLM follows Trump family

Video from The Daily Caller shows a family of Trump supporters leaving the #MillionMagaMarch demonstration being followed by Black Lives Matter and Antifa members who yell and jeer them until two of them charge the family brandishing fists. One man swung a Gadsden flag pole wildly while guiding a young girl back behind him, clearly attempting to defend her. The mother of the two young children repeatedly calls for the assailants to leave her children alone.

Andy Ngo, an independent journalist tweeted out additional information about the attack.

Isolated by angry mobs.

Another viral video saw a man attempting to leave the area attacked with sucker punch to the back of the head and stomped mercilessly by an angry mob.

Mary Margaret Olohan of the Daily Caller reported on the rioter shown sucker punching the Trump supporter attempting to leave the protest.

Antifa and BLM appeared to target Trump supporters after the peaceful demonstration had concluded and attendees were leaving the area. These so called “Counter-protestors” proceeded to isolate and single out Trump supporters once they were vulnerably away from the crowd and police protection. Less “counter-protestors” as portrayed in the media and more thugs looking for a fight. Some found that fight when members of the Proud Boys in attendance took it upon themselves to defend the Trump supporters and engage Antifa and BLM on equal term

What started as a show of solidarity with President in the face of what could be the most widespread and stunning election fraud in history, devolved into a shameful display of how dangerous the far left in America has become.

We’ve watched the mainstream media refuse to even acknowledge the violent rage they have stoked for four long years. What makes us think they’ll start realizing it now? However, that doesn’t have to be the case anymore. The day of the mainstream media is ending.

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