Bill Clinton Just Said Something About ALIENS That’s Totally Out OF This World…

During his appearance on “The Late Late Show with James Corden” former president Bill Clinton asserted that he searched for aliens during his presidency by sending US agents to Area 51 to hunt for them.

“We also sent people to Area 51 to make sure there were no aliens,” he said, to which Corden asked him who was sent to the once-top secret military base.

“Oh, if I told you that…” Clinton laughed before revealing he sent Sandy Berger, his national security adviser, who died of cancer in 2015.

Area 51 has been the talk of many conspiracy theorists for decades, with some claiming it harbors aliens and UFOs.

In fact, some people believe the base was used to stage the 1969 moon landing.

Later during the interview, Clinton could be heard discussing a trip he took with his wife Hillary to Hawaii to speak with scientists that were working on enormous telescopes.

I said ‘Do you guys argue about the likelihood of life in outer space?’ He said we have huge arguments,” Clinton said.

“He said, ‘there are those of us who think it’s 85 percent likely and those of us who think it’s 95 percent likely.’

“And these are people who spend their lives doing this. He said ‘we think, in other words, it’s very unlikely that there is not life’.

“There are a billion, not a billion planets, but a billion solar systems.”

Back in 2019, people all across the country descended on the state of Nevada with the intention of storming Area 51 in a rally dubbed ‘Storm Area 51: They Can’t Stop Us All,’ which attracted half a million people.

Congress had it’s first hearing in 50 years on UFOs and while they did not confirm the existence of aliens, they did state that unexplainable sightings are taken very seriously as a national security concern by the US military.

NASA has announced the formation of a team to investigate the unusual occurrences. From a scientific standpoint, researchers will collect data on “events in the sky that cannot be classified as aircraft or known natural occurrences.”

Watch it here: LateNightShow/Youtube

Sources: Dailycaller, Marca Nypost


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