Biden Team Member Can’t Handle the HEAT, Steps Down from Prominent Position

Imperial Leader Joe Biden dragged career diplomat and former U.S. ambassador to Mexico Roberta Jacobson out of retirement to be his border czar. After 100 days on the job, she’s heading back into hiding. It’s not because she can’t handle the heat of the border crisis, she insists. Rather, everything went exactly according to her plan and now her work is done.

Biden border czar waves bye-bye

Roberta Jacobson will be stepping down from her controversial position with the Biden regime at the end of April.

While everyone on the palace staff acknowledges that the optics are terrible, making it look like she’s turning tail and running from defeat, they counter that this was the plan all along and she accomplished her goal of flooding America with illegals right on schedule so can go home, satisfied with a job well done.


As the top border official for His Wisdom Joe Biden, Jacobson “has been grappling with large increases of migrants attempting to cross into the U.S.” She got the job primarily because of her high profile tenure as U.S. ambassador to Mexico. Ms. Jacobson insists that her job was only supposed to be temporary.

“It had never been my intention to return to government,” she adds. She walked away from government “on May 5, 2018, in part because of disagreement with then-President Trump.” When she got the call to be the National Security Council’s coordinator for the U.S. southern border,” she felt compelled. “Sometimes you get the call that you can’t refuse.”


Okay, she said, but only for 100 days. She took over shortly after the Biden coronation. “It was always going to be 100 days,” though.

As far as she’s concerned, her work is done. The palace “has built up teams to work on the immigration issue.” The plan is to adopt the Trump strategy of solving the problem at the root cause in Central America. Even though he’s using Trump’s plan, His Wisdom gets to kill two birds with one stone, before one of those birds kills him first.

Send Kamala down

Imperial Leader Joe Biden has been getting more nervous every day with Kamala Harris breathing down his neck. If she doesn’t manage to take him out through Article 25 by showing he’s mentally unfit for office, she might leak information about Hunter and the cash that flowed to Joe through him from China, Russia, Ukraine, and who knows where else.

One way to keep Kamala busy and get the press off his back for the border crisis at the same time is by sending her down to El Salvador.


By making Vice-Empress Harris solely responsible for ending the gang violence in Central America, Joe Biden just drew a big red target on her back.

Every tattoo covered, machete wielding gangster in the golden triangle will be after her head. She was sent down to the jungle along with reps from the U.S. Agency for International Development with orders to clean up the countries so everyone stops heading for Los Angeles, where the streets are paved with American gold.

While some people say that Jacobson is stepping down as border czar because she’s jealous that Kamala got sent to Guatemala instead of her, insiders relate that such speculation is ridiculous, and this really was the big plan all along.

While making the announcement now “sends a bad message,” one insider confirms, the “appointment was always going to be temporary.” The administration has tried to strike a difficult balance between promises to undo “the moral and national shame of the previous administration,” as Biden put it, and pledges that “the border is closed,” as Jacobson herself was forced to say in Spanish from the White House.

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