UNITY: Joe Biden Vows ‘Thorough Investigation’ into Trump Officials

Biden Steps Over Big Line, GOP Takes Him DOWN

Joe Biden stepped over a big line that the GOP was not going to let pass on Tuesday night.

With immigration completely out of hand, Biden started to push for amnesty for illegal immigrants again.

The GOP members in attendance let him know what they thought about that idea.

That’s a No

Over the last two years, more than six million immigrants have crossed the border.

This would include the “gotaways” number.

Biden is now trying to get them amnesty.

During the SOTU address, he stated, “Let’s also come together on immigration and make it a bipartisan issue once again.”

The words no sooner came out of his mouth when “secure the border” was heard from the GOP side of the room.

There is no way, and I mean NO WAY, any Republican that wants to stay in office will agree to amnesty right now.

Trump offered them a deal when he first came into office, and Pelosi and Schumer all but spit in his face when they took the deal and tossed it into the shredder.

Now they can watch their precious illegals get rounded up, tossed on a bus, and sent right back over the border.

Source: Fox News

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