Biden Family Hiding Info, Refusing to Be Honest With Americans

Remember the old days when the media would have a fit if Trump sneezed and used it to claim he wasn’t physically well enough to hold office? Well, now the Biden family is hiding more info when it comes to being honest about their real conditions.

Jill Biden Goes Into the Hospital

Joe Biden’s wife, Jill Biden, had a “common medical procedure” on Wednesday. Once this was starting to become known, the White House said the procedure went well.

Jill Biden is currently 69 and had an outpatient “common medical procedure.” There was very little transparency and the White House provided no other details about the procedure or her condition afterward.

If the roles were reversed and it was Melania Trump in this scenario, it seems very plausible that the mainstream media would use this somehow against the Trump family. The headlines would read “Trump Causes Melania to Have an Incurable Medical Condition In Which She Was Hospitalized.”

Little Info Given

The Bidens were in the medical building for about two hours.

“The first lady tolerated the procedure well and is heading back to the White House to resume her normal schedule,” communications director Elizabeth Alexander said in a statement.

When President Trump was hospitalized when he had coronavirus last year, the media went nuts and continuously claimed he should hand over his presidential powers.

The whole time President Trump said he was doing well and that his hospitalization was just precautionary.

“I think I’m doing very well, but we’re going to make sure that things work out,” Mr. Trump said in the 18-second video, filmed in the White House shortly before his departure for the hospital. “The first lady is doing very well,” Trump said last year.

What’s the Honest Truth

Now that Biden is in office, it is clear the see how being honest is not a politically expected thing. The media has shown that Biden and his wife will receive much different treatment than Trump and Melania ever did.

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