The Department of Justice (DOJ) under Joe Biden has been asked to open an investigation into a prominent Republican who has chosen to run his state in a way that contradicts the left-wing agenda.

Florida Democrat Representative Charlie Crist has written an angry letter to acting-Attorney General Monty Wilkinson, asking the DOJ to open an investigation into Florida’s Republican Governor Ron DeSantis. Crist alleges that “DeSantis was selecting coronavirus vaccine administration sites based on the benefit they would produce for his political supporters,” according to reporting by the Political Tribune.

“I write with concern about reports that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is establishing coronavirus vaccine distribution and administration sites to select locations to benefit political allies and donors, over the needs of higher risk communities and existing county waitlists,” Crist’s letter read.

“In several cases, these sites seem to be targeted to wealthy communities with whom Governor DeSantis has clear political connections, allowing some to skip to the front of the line in counties with existing waitlists,” the letter continued.

“Defeating the COVID-19 pandemic must be our top priority. Given the enormous latitude Governors have over vaccine distribution, it would be unconscionable for political corruption to trump both fairness and the best medical guidance. These are literally life and death decisions. While I am anxious for every Floridian, in every community, to get the vaccine as soon as possible, it should be done based on fairness, not political connection,” the letter added.

DeSantis fired back at Crist earlier this week. “If there’s going to be folks that are going to complain about getting more vaccines, you know, I’ll tell you what, I mean, I wouldn’t be complaining, I’d be thankful that we’re able to do it because, you know what, we didn’t need to do this at all,” he stated.

Crist previously served as Florida’s governor, and has been hinting at running against DeSantis in the future.

These allegations are questionable, as the Democrats have made it well-known that they loathe DeSantis for refusing to implement their authoritarian-style COVID lockdown orders. They have tried to make the governor look bad on several occasions, and have previously tried to have him investigated by the DOJ for keeping Florida open.

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