Biden Corruption EXPOSED… $2.5 BILLION!

The boldness of the Biden administration is sickening.

After Trump, Biden obviously thinks he can get away with anything and everyone will look the other way.

So, it really is not all that surprising that he just tapped a failed program for $2.5 billion to pay off a staffer’s brother, who happens to be a lobbyist for an electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer.

So Corrupt

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Steve Ricchetti.

He is a top advisor for Joe Biden.

He also happens to have a brother that is a lobbyist, Jeff Ricchetti.

The latter is a paid lobbyist working on behalf of General Motors, which paid his firm about $350,000 to woo the White House.

The former Ricchetti says he and his brother never talk shop, yet Steve was involved directly in meeting with General Motors counsel, and now they are getting a $2.5 billion loan via the Advanced Technology Vehicles Manufacturing Loan Program.

This program is a failed funnel for donors and family members, apparently.

For instance, a major donor’s company was given $50 million during the Obama administration.

Fisker Automotive, a company that no longer exists, was given $530 million.

This is all part of Joe Biden’s big push to replace gasoline-powered engines with EVs but as you can see, more often than not, the money seems to get flushed.

Work for Joe Biden, someone in your family is bound to get rich.

Source: Washington Free Beacon

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