Armed Antifa Show Up to Protest, End Up Getting Shot Dead

A group of armed Antifa activists roaming the streets of Portland in search of confrontation were met with predictable results when they encountered at least one other armed individual, with the ensuing shootout leaving one of the far-left marchers dead and five others wounded. Police are still struggling to piece together what happened and many details of the shooting remain officially unknown, though several rumors have spread.

Details of Antifa shooting still murky

Police have said that they currently believe the incident to have begun with a confrontation between an armed homeowner and a group of armed Antifa protesters.

They say that the man is believed to have acted alone and has no known affiliation with any political groups, which contradicts Antifa claims of a targeted shooting by the far-right.

Other rumors claimed that the protesters had run into or had intentionally sought out members of a Portland area biker gang, who opened fire after a fight of some kind broke out.

Police have not suggested any gang connections and describe the shooter as a local homeowner. They have not released his identity or announced if an arrest has been made.

The Portland Police Bureau has admitted that its detectives are experiencing some difficulty in attempting to find out what happened at the scene due to a shortage of available witnesses.

Most of the Antifa supporters scattered and fled after shots broke out and they have not since come forward to speak to the police, given their animosity towards policing in general and the city government.

Anti-police activists call on police for help

Portland has seen near constant Antifa related unrest since the 2020 George Floyd riots began; rioters in the leftist haven never left and some still haven’t settled down.

Antifa agitators in Portland are frequently armed and the group involved in the shooting reportedly has a history of brandishing weapons at people during their gatherings.

Portland’s excessively lenient treatment of Antifa has now led to multiple shooting deaths, including this latest incident, but the far-left group continues to blame the police for the violence.

Members of the anti-police group interrupted a police press conference to berate the police for not doing enough to protect them from “white supremacists.”

The group appears to be torn between having their cake and eating it, as they have continued to denounce the police for not doing enough to protect them while simultaneously refusing to hand over footage of the shooting or provide other relevant information.

The other man involved in the shooting was confirmed to be one of those injured, but his wounds are reportedly not life-threatening. Antifa social media accounts bragged about having “got a chunk” of him before the shooting ended.

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