Acting Mayor Rescinds, Strikes Down Ridiculous BLM Executive Order

The acting Mayor of Holyoke, Massachusetts, Terence Murphy, couldn’t wait to cancel a ridiculous executive order left behind by his liberal predecessor. The proclamation favoring Black Lives Matter radicals has been rescinded.

Mayor strikes hard

Mayor Terence Murphy announced that he’s striking down the executive order signed by his predecessor, Alex Morse. The Black Lives Matter loving radical went as far as formally declaring “police violence and racism” as “a public health emergency.”

Murphy has no sympathy for Antifa-endorsed anarchists so he rescinded the order. It has no “immediate benefit,” he insists. Especially when it requires him to figure out ways to put police out of a job by supporting “studies to decrease reliance on law enforcement.”

The progressive administration was on fire to create a “Racial Equity Public Health professional” job “within the Holyoke Board of Health.” They also wanted a watchdog panel. The nullified executive order established an “11-member Citizen Police Advisory Committee to the Mayor.” Murphy doesn’t need their advice.

The former requirement to recognize “Juneteenth Independence Day,” is a moot point already. The fact that Black folks don’t need to name days with a nine in them isn’t the point. The Democrat run state already made June 19 “a paid holiday for city employees.”

Massachusetts liberals are all for policies limiting funds to law enforcement. Police, they claim, are “inherently” racist because laws are racist. Mostly Black people get arrested because most crimes are committed by Black people. That’s not fair, they cry.

On Wednesday, Mayor Murphy didn’t call his predecessor full of crap but he meant it. Murphy told the press he doesn’t “believe Morse’s order is of immediate benefit because so many of the plans in the order have not been acted upon.”

Treat everyone with respect

Unlike the liberal Democrats who want to give preference to their chosen ones Mayor Murphy doesn’t play favorites. “It is my expectation that all city departments consistently treat everyone with respect as we serve the public regardless of race or ethnicity.”

He likes the city being a melting pot but they don’t need to get radically progressive about things. “Holyoke should always be a community that welcomes diversity in its many forms.”

Mayor Morse gave up his job in Holyoke a few weeks ago so that he could focus his attention on spreading the Black Lives Matter indoctrination elsewhere.

He scored the job of town administrator for Provincetown, on Cape Cod. He’ll be buying ice cream in the same little shop as Barry Soetoro and his husband Mike any day now.

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