Would Be Robber Picks the WRONG Vehicle to Steal…Learns the Hard Way

The young Houston entrepreneur was peacefully minding his own business, breaking into a parked vehicle with a screwdriver. When he regained consciousness, the police were bandaging him up. Talk about scared straight! This unnamed professional carjacker learned a valuable lesson and he’s thankful to be alive. At least he’ll have something to tell his buddies about, he holds the record for world’s shortest MMA heavyweight career.

The wrong vehicle

“Mofo pick right/wrong car to break into. HE’S OK.” The vehicle in question belonged to “The Black Beast,” mixed martial art fighter Derrick Lewis. That’s what he posted on his Instagram account. Returning to his ride after a workout, Lewis surprised the unlucky suspect.

Fans point out that KO’d is more like it. Afterward he admitted to ESPN “that he knocked the man out.” That’s why his head was all bandaged when the police loaded him into a squad car. Some say “it’s miraculous that he is still walking.” Especially after they see the gouge the guy left on the door of Lewis’ car.


The incident happened around 9:30 a.m. on Tuesday. 36-year-old Lewis is training for his upcoming match with Francis Ngannou for the UFC Heavyweight Championship.

He came out of his gym and got an opportunity to do some sparring. He told the Houston Police that as he was approaching his vehicle, “he heard banging noises and discovered the alleged thief.”


The police relate that “Mr. Lewis says he went over to the suspect, struck him, placed him onto the ground until the police arrived.”

Even department spokesperson Jodi Silva remarked, that’s “the nicest way to put it.” Boom, boom, out go the lights. The suspect won’t be stealing any vehicle for a while.

A dangerous dude

You better be prepared before you decide to tangle with the Black Beast. Stealing his vehicle isn’t a good idea. ESPN has been pointing out that Lewis hit Curtis Blaydes so hard when he knocked him out that it was the “biggest UFC main event upset in 5 years.” He is tied with Vitor Belfort with the most knockouts in UFC history.”

Lewis is also in a tie score on “second-most wins in UFC heavyweight history.” with Frank Mir also has 16 of them. Only Andrei Arlovski has more. He has 19.

The vehicle hijack suspect was transported to the hospital and they took their time checking him out before they let the police take him into custody that afternoon. Lewis is described as “a Louisiana native who resides in Houston.”

He “is expected to be the first challenger for recently crowned heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou.” With his “impressive 25-7 record in MMA” he has a good shot at doing it.

He “previously defeated Ngannou back in 2018.” Ngannou knows better than to try to break into his vehicle too. Lewis already has it in for Ngannou. He told UFC 262 earlier this month, he “disliked Ngannou because he made him ‘look fat.'”


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