A Whole New Level of Corruption Gets Exposed

Special Counsel John Durham says that he has exposed a plot in which the Clinton campaign paid a tech company to infiltrate servers at Trump Tower and the White House in an attempt to produce evidence for the Russian collusion conspiracy theory.

Alleged Clinton spying operation exposed

The former president quickly released a statement that described the scandal as being “far greater in scope and magnitude than Watergate.

Trump went on to say that in a “stronger period of time” those involved in the spying scheme would have been put to death.

It was an aggressively worded statement, but that isn’t surprising after six years of what must have been an extremely irritating narrative about Russia’s role in the 2016 election.

The exposed plot highlights the shameless hypocrisy surrounding elections in this country. Asking questions about the 2020 election is supposed to be a dangerous act which undermines democracy.

Hiring tech mercenaries to infiltrate the White House and plant evidence to prove that the 2016 election was rigged by the Russian government is hardly an issue.

Representative Jim Jordan responded to Trump’s talk of crimes worthy of execution being committed by the Clinton campaign by saying that Trump is “right on target.”

Inventing a conspiracy theory

The spying operation reportedly took place both during the Trump candidacy and after he had taken office, meaning that it was targeting a sitting president.

Representative Jordan claimed that another arm of the US government, presumably the FBI, was directly involved in the scheme and intended to undermine the president.

The goal of the operation was presumably to prove somehow that Trump had received illegal help from the Russians to rig the outcome of the election, making Clinton the rightful president.

This motive is almost indistinguishable from the desire of Republicans to find evidence of voter fraud in 2020, save for the fact that the Russia conspiracy theory was ridiculous and the Clinton campaign knew it.

The entire scheme propped up a fantasy in which Clinton and the Democrats were a patriotic resistance fighting to take the country back from a puppet regime, rather than the sore losers they were in reality.

It was always a flimsy narrative meant to give the party a way to cope with their humiliating defeat, but this newly exposed operation reveals just how far the Clinton campaign was willing to go to prop up its hoax.

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