‘World’s Sexiest Tennis Influencer’ Reveals Troubled Past

Dubbed the “sexiest tennis influencer in the world”, Rachel Stuhlmann has clearly taken the world by storm. However, the tennis star revealed a shocking admission: she was previous bullied for her looks, being called an “ugly duckling”. Now, she’s taken to social media to share new stunning photos.

As a female sports influencer, comparisons to golfing queen Paige Spiranac are almost inevitable. This holds true for Rachel Stuhlmann, a former University of Missouri tennis player who has shifted from her dream of becoming a pro and is instead pursuing a career path slightly more glamorous.

A lot of speculation has surrounded the “transformation” that Rachel has gone through in recent years, with many drawing parallels to the success experienced by Spiranac.

Rachel told PopCulture via email that she respects what Paige has done for the sport of golf and aspires to continue pushing tennis forward while remaining unapologetically herself.

Despite some bullying she faced early in her career because of her style and appearance, it only motivated her further to commit fully to being true to herself. One day she woke up and decided that at least when older she wouldn’t look back on life wishing she had been herself all along.

The Sun reported plastic surgeon Dr Richard Westreich’s belief that Rachel may have undergone one or two breast augmentations as well as butt lift, rhinoplasty, lip filler—allegedly totalling around $150,000 dollars in cost. He remarked how different Rachel looks today compared with six years ago when looking back at images from 2017; it was quite a significant transformatio.

Her answer rather than commenting on these speculations was simply uploading new pictures onto Instagram—demonstrating her resilience against criticism despite receiving lots of support from the tennis community which means so much to her.

Despite discussing appreciation for what Paige Spiranac has achieved in golfing circles, Rachel wants people to know that although there are similarities between them—she is focused on doing her own thing rather than following anyone else’s playbook.

It appears that instead of becoming a professional player like originally planned—Rachel is now making waves within the world’s number one influencer role in tennis.

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