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White House LEAK… This Should END Biden

Joe Biden recently did another softball interview with Erin Burnett on CNN.

Biden, as usual, was leaking lies all over the place.

This time, while Burnett never pushed back, the NY Post ran a fact check, and you will be amazed at how many times Biden managed to lie in just 17 minutes.

Lies, Lies, Sweet Little Lies

The biggest lie that Biden told was that inflation was 9% when he took office.

Inflation was actually at 1.4% for Trump’s last month and Biden’s first month, but quickly went up over 4% only months into Biden’s presidency.

Biden topped out at over 8% inflation, and it is still over 3%, so Biden’s numbers were way off.

The New York Post Editorial Board wrote, “Wednesday’s chat with CNN’s Erin Burnett shows why. In a brief 17 minutes, Biden told 15 lies — nearly a lie a minute.

“From whoppers about the economy to prevarications on Israel, Biden spun a fantasyland of a presidency that voters know is false.”

The board added, “Biden’s favorite falsehood, told over and over and over again no matter how many fact-checks call him out.

“He took office at the tail end of a pandemic that blew a hole in the economy, when lockdown policies wholeheartedly endorsed by Democrats took people out of the office and onto COVID stimulus checks.

“He ‘created’ nothing — after the introduction of the vaccine, people returned to the workforce. If anything, Biden’s policies slowed the recovery — it took until July 2022 for the US economy to regain all the jobs lost due to the pandemic.”

The real shame of all this is that Burnett, who clearly has access to all this information, did not call Joe Biden out for a single lie, allowing his rhetoric to go out unchallenged to the American people.

Biden has done nothing but destroy our economy, and he must be held accountable, and that day is coming soon enough.

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