Whistleblower Catches Biden Van Stuffing Ballots in Battleground State

A sharp-eyed whistleblower in Nevada busted some sneaky Harris-Biden operatives in a van, doing nasty and unspeakable things to poor innocent election ballots in one of the hard fought battleground states.

They stuffed and pumped bogus votes out as fast as they could lick em, stick em, and send em on their way.

Stuffing ballots in a van

You never know what you’re going to see when you go on break. A whistleblower who isn’t giving out their name saw something really disturbing so called Team Trump.


On Sunday, the campaign held a press conference in Las Vegas, Nevada to announce that they had first hand evidence of election fraud and illegal tampering with ballots.

According to a sworn affidavit, the witness was on lunch break when they observed “people inside a Biden-Harris van, opening, filling out, and resealing mail ballots.” That’s more than a little bit illegal and could swing the results in the state, maybe even the national tally.

Even if this incident isn’t enough to keep President Donald Trump in the White House all by itself, it substantiates the wide-spread and organized conspiracy to rig the election. This isn’t the only discrepancy.


As related by the witness, “people inside the van were using letter openers” to rip the outside envelopes off the ballots, then they filled them out and got them ready for counting. When they noticed they were being watched, part of the group “formed a human shield around the van to purportedly cover up the activity.”

Harris-Biden won’t deny the charges

The Harris-Biden campaign hasn’t come up with any kind of explanation for the charges and aren’t denying them either. They aren’t answering the phone for reporters these days. The Trump campaign, on the other hand is more than willing to chat about the bogus ballots.

Trump spokesperson Matt Schlapp went into specific details about the allegation at the press conference. He also mentioned there are a bunch more “instances of potential fraud.” For instance, also in Nevada, there are “9,000 ballots cast by people who have moved out of the state.”

He had a couple examples handy of “ballots cast using the identities of dead people.” Minors in Nevada can’t buy cigarettes, alcohol, marijuana, or get into casinos. Registering to vote is no problem though. Part of the election fraud includes charges of “voter registrations issued to minors under the age of 18.” Democrats feel those votes need to be counted anyway. If not, they’re certain to lose.

There are hundreds of cases where Republicans weren’t allowed to cast their ballots. Thousands of allegedly Democrat leaning votes have been questioned for technical reasons, including 200,000 signatures which “were processed solely by a machine that reportedly had its accuracy settings reduced to a point where the matching was no longer reliable.”

  1. With all the voter fraud committed by Democrats, Trump should be declared the winner. To allow Biden the office of POTUS would be a travesty of justice and would reward dishonesty, therefore negating the sanctity of our process, and render SCOTUS ineffective and useless.

  2. Biden already admitted that they had created the biggest fraud organization this country has ever seen. He did not say it was for detection or prevention so obviously it’s to perpetrate the fraud!!
    Talk about a massive organized crime operation!!!
    But that’s easy to understand when 70%+ of all felons identify as Democrat. And I’m sure the inverse is true- 70%+ of all democrats identify as felons.

  3. Every one of these people needs to be in prison for at least 10 years! This kind of fraud is reprehensible! This includes Slow-Joe and Kameltoe Hairyass.

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