Watch Lauren Boebert Slam Nancy Pelosi on House Floor

Lauren Boebert never claimed to go to Washington to make friends and Nancy is definitely not one of them. The Republican from Colorado slammed Nancy Pelosi while speaking directly from the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives.

After the midterm elections, Republicans took control of the House, and Nancy lost her place of coveted power. The California Democrat who has held power for decades lost the titles of “majority leader” and “speaker.”

“Madam Speaker, the American people have spoken,” Boebert started her attack. “They fired you and have chosen to end the Democrats’ one-party rule throughout our government.”

“The days of this chamber being treated as Pelosi’s house instead of the people’s house are over,” The spitfire Congresswoman continued. “The American people will once again be allowed into this chamber to see their representatives at work.”

Republican Kevin McCarthy won the GOP nomination to take Pelosi’s position as Speaker of the House. The final vote tally was 188-31.

The midterms allowed for a slight red wave, not nearly what many hoped for, but allowed the Republican Party to take a step in retaking control of our country from the radical Democrats.

Trump said, “We take Congress and, if we can stop their very obvious CHEATING, will also take the Senate. Big Victory, don’t be stupid. Stand on the rooftops and shout it out loud!” he added.

Trump endorsed 188 candidates in the 2022 midterms and 174 of them won. Only 9 lost.

“174 wins and 9 losses, A GREAT EVENING,” Trump responded to the election results. “And the Fake News Media, together with their partner in crime, the Democrats, are doing everything possible to play it down.”

“Amazing job by some really fantastic candidates!” Trump added.

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