VIDEO: Watch The Shocking Ability Of This Alien-Like Creature

An Octopus might not be an alien, but would anyone be shocked if it was?

The creature seems intelligent enough to be planning something at all times. This underwater species is also cunning, they tend to play with their predators rather than flee from them.

A viral video of one eight-legged aquatic genius figuring out how to open a container is evidence that they are also capable of problem-solving. The ocean monster is terrifyingly humanistic in its manner.

Octopuses hunt by wriggling along the ocean floor. They toss rocks and push themselves into tight spaces to extract crustaceans, their main source of food.

Keepers of captive octopuses are frequently put to the test in trying to find mentally stimulating ways to feed their wonderous little friends. These keepers are known to put a crab inside a jar with the lid screwed tight. This is so that when the octopus unscrews the top and gets the crab, it mimics its natural hunting style. Octopuses require challenges to satisfy their active intellect.

The video shows an octopus opening the jar lid. Instead of getting things out, it wants to go in and doesn’t seem to want to get out of the jar.  The folks at Enoshima Aquarium in Fujisawa, Japan filmed the creature’s adventure.

Octopuses are regarded as some of the most intelligent creatures in the world. They use tools, have personalities, and engage in play.

The underwater creatures are the only marine animals capable of opening jars. Most animals lack the force and perception required for the activity. Even a childproof bottle with a push-and-turn cap has been opened by some of these marine geniuses.

Watch it here: Youtube/ Enoshima Aquarium

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