Intruders Rob Elderly Man Thinking He’s an ‘Easy Target’, Deeply Regret It

These intruders decided to break into a rob a 93-year-old man’s home since they figured he would be an “easy target”. However, they soon realized after entering his residence that they made a huge mistake.

In Moreno Valley, California, a 93-year-old man has been the target of multiple break-ins over several weeks. Thieves had become aware that Joe Teague had quite an extensive collection of valuable items – including expensive musical instruments he had accumulated over time.

The elderly homeowner was being targeted due to his advanced age – with no fear or retribution from law enforcement. Oscar Malma, whose wife is Teague’s granddaughter, reported that the thieves were so bold they even broke in during broad daylight.

With each break-in occurring despite police being notified, Teague knew he needed to devise a better plan than simply calling law enforcement again.

At just after midnight one night, when the same group of robbers returned again, Teague pulled out his trusty shotgun and warned them to drop his things. Unfortunately for them, this warning was not taken seriously and resulted in an assault on him instead.

He then fired at them – hitting one suspect identified as 33 year old Joseph Ortega – who was rushed to hospital in critical condition.

After questioning by authorities it was decided that Joe would face no charges since witnesses reported seeing people running away from his house before police arrived – treating the incident as justified self defence instead.

It’s unfortunate that situations like these occur often in today’s world; it serves as an example for those who are more vulnerable than others, such as elderly citizens or those living alone who may find themselves targeted by criminals.

It is clear that there are many people like Joe who are vulnerable targets for criminals taking advantage of their situation – proving that being properly armed and trained is indeed the best means of defense against such intruders.

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