Family Bitten Over 300 Times on Disney Vacation

It’s a vacationer’s worst nightmare: coming home from an enjoyable getaway with more than just memories and souvenirs.

This is exactly what happened to Christina Streble and her family when they returned from their trip to Central Florida.

They had been visiting Walt Disney World when they started noticing bites all over their bodies, at first assuming it was mosquito bites due to being in a warm climate.

However, as the days went on, more and more bites kept appearing, and soon enough it became apparent that this wasn’t mosquitos at work.

Upon returning to their room at the Oak Plantation Resort in Kissimmee, the family made a truly skin-crawling discovery as they found that the mattress was infested with bed bugs.

The small bugs feed off human blood, making them incredibly difficult to eradicate completely once they have taken hold of an area.

To make matters worse, when Christina’s husband alerted management about the problem nothing came of it and so they were forced to cut their vacation short in order to return home early.

After seeing a doctor back home in Louisville, Kentucky it became clear that this was one of the worst cases he had ever seen: 206 bites on their older daughter alone.

One can only imagine how uncomfortable those poor children must have been during such an ordeal.

Thankfully though after filing a consumer complaint inspectors with the Florida Department of Business & Professional Regulation confirmed that there were indeed bedbugs present in the room where they stayed and subsequently took steps to treat it accordingly

Despite attempts by the resort to refund or offer alternative accommodation for future stays free of charge, it’s unlikely that you will find this family staying there again anytime soon given that even now.

It is stories like these which serve as cautionary tales for us all – reminding us never take our accommodations lightly when traveling away from home whether domestically or internationally.

Always inspect your rooms closely upon arrival no matter how inviting those 5 star ratings seem!

If anything seems amiss then don’t hesitate to report any issues immediately or consider switching hotels if necessary – better safe than sorry.

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