Hot ‘Cougar’ Mom Proves Age is Just a Number With This Video

Age is just a number – it does not define who we are or what we can achieve.

Sandralyn (@canadianfitmom10) proves this to us time and again.

The Canadian lifestyle influencer recently shared a video with her 10,000+ TikTok followers that featured her showing off her body in a swimsuit.

This was an effort to promote self-confidence among older women while challenging societal expectations of how they should dress as they age.

The 48-year-old blonde covered herself up with a towel, playfully asking if someone of her age should even be wearing a bikini.

After making viewers wait in anticipation for a few moments, she dropped the towel to reveal a purple striped one-piece swimsuit that hugged her waist and thighs perfectly.

Despite her own question about whether or not she should be wearing such attire, Sandralyn made it clear that she knows how beautiful she is and has no qualms about rocking any outfit that comes to mind.

She unabashedly calls herself ‘hot mom’ and ‘cougar’ and embraces every bit of confidence in order to inspire other women out there.

People were happy to see the mom flaunting her beachwear but some felt slightly underwhelmed by the fact that she had chosen more modest apparel instead of something daring like a two-piece swimsuit.

Several fans commented on the same, suggesting she wear something different next time around if only for them.

On the other hand, many supporters were content with whatever outfit Sandralyn chose as long as it made her feel good about being herself.

After all, feeling comfortable in your own skin is what matters most when it comes down to accepting yourself regardless of age.

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