CBS Tries To Cover Their False Claim and Deceptive Editing

CBS got busted Monday by conservative Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for “deceptively” editing an interview which aired on the Complete Bull Sh*t program “60 Minutes” on Sunday. Even Democrats are furiously jumping up and down because the propaganda motivated censorship is so obvious.

CBS airs Complete Bull Sh*t

Right after 60 Minutes aired Sunday night, the CBS switchboard melted down from all the angry callers. The censorship and blatant misrepresentation of what Governor DeSantis had to say got everyone so irate that the liberal network had to issue a statement in response. Without backing down, they admitted throwing BS around.

They heavily censored what the conservative had to say, they confirm, “for the sake of ‘clarity.'” “Oh really?” DeSantis mused. “Since clarity is what they want, that is exactly what they will get.” He dropped by the Faux News studios and made the left-slanted network censorship crystal clear for all to see. This is transparency in action.


A huge chunk of what CBS chopped out described how the conservative state thumbed their nose at the recommendations of Atlanta disease control experts and vaccinated “three and a half million senior citizens.”

They got the old folks their shots first and it worked. DeSantis thundered, “what we have done has worked and they didn’t want to discuss that.” Even worse, they falsely tried to convince their liberal viewers that there was an evil scheme behind the project.

DeSantis describes how CBS “selectively edited the background” to “act like there was a conspiracy with Publix, ignoring the fact that other pharmacies were involved before Publix, doing all our long-term care facilities.” Even the Democrat county mayor calls the hit piece “bunk.”


Palm Beach “calculated 90 percent of their seniors live within a mile and a half of a Publix” so they set up vaccine centers there. The pharmacy chain managed to get a boost in their sales from all the extra attention so did an African American church in the swamps near Lake Okeechobee.

They didn’t tell you that

CBS selectively trimmed out the part about how the state was “doing African American church vaccination drives before Publix ever gave a single shot.” Near Lake Okeechobee, we set up a separate site in a small town called Pahokee.

They didn’t tell you that.” Another thing they don’t want to admit is that “hospitals were doing shots starting in the third week of December.” Why? “Because it didn’t fit the narrative. They don’t believe in facts.”

In court, the stunt that CBS pulled would be grounds for extra special penalties, DeSantis insists. The heavy handed editing was “done with malicious intent and a reckless disregard for the truth.” Following the official liberal plan, they “just put their head in the sand and pretended” like the facts that he highlighted “didn’t exist.”

Even Democrats were crying foul. Emergency Management director Jared Moskowitz, a Democrat, tweeted, “@60Minutes I said this before and I’ll say it again. @Publix was recommended by @FLSERT and @HealthyFla as the other pharmacies were not ready to start. Period! Full Stop! No one from the Governors office suggested Publix. It’s just absolute malarkey.”

Dave Kerner, Democrat Mayor of Palm Beach County issued a formal statement. The “60 Minutes” segment “was not just based on bad information, it was intentionally false.” He knows that for a fact. “I know this because I offered to provide my insight into Palm Beach County’s vaccination efforts and ’60 Minutes’ declined.” They can’t handle the truth.

“They know that the Governor came to Palm Beach County and met with me and the County Administrator and we asked to expand the state’s partnership with Publix to Palm Beach County.” The important thing is “we asked and he delivered.” CBS is lying. “They had that information, and they left it out because it kneecaps their narrative.” They “should be ashamed.”

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