Trump Just Stepped Up For East Palestine Residents in a Big Way!

Nothing has shown Biden’s true feelings for the American people than his absolute lack of care and attention to the people of East Palestine, Ohio. After a train derailment that caused an environmental disaster, the Biden administration has put more focus on Ukraine than on their own citizens.

However, there is one leader out there who has not forgotten the people. Former President Donald Trump has personally delivered a reassuring address to the residents of East Palestine, Ohio. He made it clear that they were a priority, telling them: “You are not forgotten.”

“We stand with you,” Trump told the crowd at the East Palestine Fire Department, “we pray for you, and we’ll stay with you in your fight to help answer and [get] accountability that you deserve.”

Trump continued by saying that the train wreck had “rocked the lives of people throughout this area and long beyond [it].”

“We’ve seen the first responders and railroad workers serving bravely in the line of duty,” Trump added. “We’ve seen citizens speaking up at the town halls … Everybody’s been watching.”

The former president stated clearly that residents had been “met with indifference and betrayal.”

Biden and FEMA said they would not send federal aid to [the town] under any circumstances,” Trump claimed. However, an earlier allegation claimed that the Biden administration was motivated to act on the disaster only after Trump indicated he would visit the town.

“We opened up the dam, and we got them to move,” Trump said on Wednesday

Trump arrived early Wednesday morning to survey the wreckage that the train wreck brought upon the town. However, he didn’t come empty-handed. Trump brought with him truckloads of emergency goods a stark contrast to President Joe Biden.

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