Treasonous General Mark Milley Tosses in the Towel

Well it’s about time. Conservatives everywhere are applauding as General Mark Milley is finally stepping down from his position as  the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Milley will be leaving the highest-ranking military position officially on September 30, with Biden-appointed  Gen. Charles Q. Brown Jr. set to assume the role.

General Mark Milley began his career under Donald Trump’s administration in 2019 and faced several unprecedented challenges while serving as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

These included managing the Capitol riots, navigating through the pandemic, overseeing a chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan, attempting to quell unrest caused by Ukrainian war, dealing with Chinese spy balloons and responding to nationwide “Summer of Love” riots that occurred in June 2020.

It appears that it was during this period where Milley decided to take matters into his own hands which led to accusations of treason against him.

Under Milley’s watch Joe Biden armed the Taliban terrorist organization with approximately $80 billion in US weapons upon our hasty retreat from Afghanistan last fall – an action deemed by many as reparations for acts committed against them during our stay there.

It gets worse though; not only did they leave behind weapons – but secret phone calls promised China advanced warning if we ever considered attacking them.

This would be seen by many as an act of treason yet no punishment was given to Mark Milley who coordinated these phone calls with then Defense Secretary Mark Esper (Trump eventually fired Esper).

Christopher Miller – Trump’s Acting Secretary of Defense at the time – called this an “unprecedented act of insubordination” when commenting to Fox News about it later on.

To make matters even more confusing Robert Costa reported that Speaker Pelosi had gotten assurances from General Milley that nuclear codes were safe after speaking to him on teleconference which included 15 people coordinated through Esper’s office.

Rep Paul Gosar (R-AZ) isn’t letting this one slide however.

He launched an investigation into both General Milley and Speaker Pelosi tweeting “Soon we’ll know the truth”. His tweets continued expressing suspicion over how Nancy Pelosi knew intel regarding impending violence yet failed to warn members – something which should not have been overlooked if true.

His tweet also mentioned looking into Milliey’s “treasonous sell-out” to China which makes us all wonder exactly what else could have been going on while he held office?

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