Tucker Carlson Drops Bombshell in Shocking Interview

Tucker Carlson believes we are watching the global order that took shape after World War II, known as the “Pax Americana” collapse in real-time. This is due to the United States no longer being the dominant global power, both politically and economically.

Carlson shared his conclusion after interviewing with the president of the United Arab Emirates, Mohamed bin Zayed. Since leaving Fox News in April, Carlson has been doing interviews with political figures from around the world. What he has seen so far is that institutions set up post WW2 like NATO and the SWIFT system are crumbling.

According to Carlson, most Americans aren’t aware of what’s happening because of corporate media covering it up or simply not reporting on it accurately. He believes they are more concerned about remaining fashionable or saying something forbidden than getting things right and telling the truth. This includes uncomfortable truths about President Joe Biden and his family which have been largely ignored by mainstream media outlets.

“They’re all afraid of getting sued or yelled at or fired or humiliated. But interestingly, none of them are very afraid of getting things wrong. That’s not a concern. They’re not worried about accuracy as much as they’re worried about being unfashionable or saying something forbidden. What they’re really worried about is telling the truth,” Tucker Carlson said about American media outlets.

“They’re all fearful people who are making more than they probably should be, and they’re worried about losing their jobs. Occasionally, you’ll find a courageous person, but they are very, very, very rare. Very rare,” He added.

Carlson speculates that Barack Obama may be running U.S operations through Joe Biden despite him having dementia and being unable to speak a complete sentence on his own, much less run a government in its entirety – something Carlson claims even The New York Times hasn’t dared to report on either out of fear or lack of interest in doing so.

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