Top Dem CAUGHT with AR-15

Arizona gubernatorial candidate Katie Hobbs is all for gun control.

She is going up against Trump-backed Kari Lake.

One would think she would welcome the opportunity to talk about her platform, but that was far from the case.

There is one other surprise here as well.

Is That an AR-15?

Project Veritas tried to get a word in with Hobbs, but she was not having it.

She literally ran and hid inside a bathroom until a car came to get her.

When her aide showed up, he too ran and hid.

When their ride finally showed up to get her out of there, guess what was lying on the front floorboard?

See for yourself…

Yes, Ms. Lake, that was painful to watch.

Lake was in the lead in the last round of polling, so let’s hope she keeps it up and does not allow that fraud to take office.

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