Those who stood, those who cowered, those who flipped. The Final Objection To A Biden Presidency.

In the end, only the votes of two contested states: Arizona and Pennsylvania were objected to. Of the twelve Senators who last week agreed to object to the Electoral College votes marred by irregularity and credible allegations of electoral fraud only seven did so following the four hour occupation of the Capitol building by protestors. Here is the comprehensive list of who stood, those who cowered, those who flipped. The Final Objection To A Biden Presidency.

The Senators Who Stood

Of the twelve US Senators who agreed to object to all of the contested states only Senators Cruz and Hawley actually signed to sustain objections in Arizona and Pennsylvania respectively, the remaining six Senators who voted but did not sign on to a particular states’ objection were: Senator Tommy Tuberville (R-AL), Senator Rick Scott (R-FL), Senator Roger Marshall (R-KS), Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith (R-MS), Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) and Senator Cynthia Lummis (R-WY). Remember these names they are the most vulnerable and have the most to lose, they will need our defense and our support in the days ahead. As far as the left is concerned: these are all marked men and women.

The Congressmen who Stood

Two Congressman: Representative Paul Gosar (R-AZ) and Rep. Scott Perry (R-PA) stood before the Joint Session and objected to the results from their respective states the following list of 138 Congressional Republicans voted in favor of the Pennsylvania objection while only 121 supported the Arizona objection.

While it was objectively easier to support a “doomed vote” in the Democrat held House this move will still cost these members considerably, although to a much lesser extent than our Senators. Speaker Pelosi’s retribution will be swift.

House of Representatives
Yea AL 4th   R   Aderholt, Robert
Yea GA 12th   R   Allen, Rick
Yea TX 19th   R   Arrington, Jodey
Yea TX 36th   R   Babin, Brian
Yea IN 4th   R   Baird, James
Yea IN 3rd   R   Banks, Jim
Yea OR 2nd   R   Bentz, Cliff
Yea MI 1st   R   Bergman, Jack
Yea OK 5th   R   Bice, Stephanie
Yea AZ 5th   R   Biggs, Andy
Yea NC 9th   R   Bishop, Dan
Yea CO 3rd   R   Boebert, Lauren
Yea IL 12th   R   Bost, Mike
Yea AL 5th   R   Brooks, Mo
Yea NC 13th   R   Budd, Ted
Yea TN 2nd   R   Burchett, Tim
Yea TX 26th   R   Burgess, Michael
Yea CA 42nd   R   Calvert, Ken
Yea FL 3rd   R   Cammack, Katherine
Yea AL 1st   R   Carl, Jerry
Yea GA 1st   R   Carter, Buddy
Yea TX 31st   R   Carter, John
Yea NC 11th   R   Cawthorn, David
Yea OH 1st   R   Chabot, Steve
Yea VA 6th   R   Cline, Ben
Yea TX 27th   R   Cloud, Michael
Yea GA 9th   R   Clyde, Andrew
Yea OK 4th   R   Cole, Tom
Yea AR 1st   R   Crawford, Eric
Yea OH 8th   R   Davidson, Warren
Yea TN 4th   R   DesJarlais, Scott
Yea FL 25th   R   Diaz-Balart, Mario
Yea FL 19th   R   Donalds, Byron
Yea SC 3rd   R   Duncan, Jeff
Yea FL 2nd   R   Dunn, Neal
Yea KS 4th   R   Estes, Ron
Yea TX 4th   R   Fallon, Patrick
Yea MN 7th   R   Fischbach, Michelle
Yea WI 5th   R   Fitzgerald, Scott
Yea TN 3rd   R   Fleischmann, Chuck
Yea NC 5th   R   Foxx, Virginia
Yea FL 15th   R   Franklin, Scott
Yea ID 1st   R   Fulcher, Russ
Yea FL 1st   R   Gaetz, Matt
Yea CA 25th   R   Garcia, Mike
Yea OH 7th   R   Gibbs, Bob
Yea FL 26th   R   Giménez, Carlos
Yea TX 1st   R   Gohmert, Louie
Yea VA 5th   R   Good, Robert
Yea TX 5th   R   Gooden, Lance
Yea AZ 4th   R   Gosar, Paul
Yea LA 6th   R   Graves, Garret
Yea MO 6th   R   Graves, Sam
Yea TN 7th   R   Green, Mark
Yea GA 14th   R   Greene, Marjorie
Yea VA 9th   R   Griffith, Morgan
Yea MS 3rd   R   Guest, Michael
Yea MN 1st   R   Hagedorn, Jim
Yea MD 1st   R   Harris, Andy
Yea TN 1st   R   Harshbarger, Diana
Yea MO 4th   R   Hartzler, Vicky
Yea OK 1st   R   Hern, Kevin
Yea NM 2nd   R   Herrell, Stella
Yea GA 10th   R   Hice, Jody
Yea LA 3rd   R   Higgins, Clay
Yea NC 8th   R   Hudson, Richard
Yea CA 50th   R   Issa, Darrell
Yea TX 13th   R   Jackson, Ronny
Yea NY 27th   R   Jacobs, Chris
Yea OH 6th   R   Johnson, Bill
Yea LA 4th   R   Johnson, Mike
Yea OH 4th   R   Jordan, Jim
Yea PA 13th   R   Joyce, John
Yea PA 12th   R   Keller, Fred
Yea PA 16th   R   Kelly, Mike
Yea MS 1st   R   Kelly, Trent
Yea TN 8th   R   Kustoff, David
Yea CA 1st   R   LaMalfa, Doug
Yea CO 5th   R   Lamborn, Doug
Yea AZ 8th   R   Lesko, Debbie
Yea MO 7th   R   Long, Billy
Yea GA 11th   R   Loudermilk, Barry
Yea OK 3rd   R   Lucas, Frank
Yea MO 3rd   R   Luetkemeyer, Blaine
Yea NY 11th   R   Malliotakis, Nicole
Yea KS 1st   R   Mann, Tracey
Yea FL 18th   R   Mast, Brian
Yea CA 23rd   R   McCarthy, Kevin
Yea MI 10th   R   McClain, Lisa
Yea PA 9th   R   Meuser, Daniel
Yea WV 3rd   R   Miller, Carol
Yea IL 15th   R   Miller, Mary
Yea WV 2nd   R   Mooney, Alex
Yea AL 2nd   R   Moore, Felix
Yea OK 2nd   R   Mullin, Markwayne
Yea NC 3rd   R   Murphy, Gregory
Yea TX 22nd   R   Nehls, Troy
Yea SC 5th   R   Norman, Ralph
Yea CA 22nd   R   Nunes, Devin
Yea CA 8th   R   Obernolte, Jay
Yea UT 4th   R   Owens, Clarence
Yea MS 4th   R   Palazzo, Steven
Yea AL 6th   R   Palmer, Gary
Yea IN 6th   R   Pence, Greg
Yea PA 10th   R   Perry, Scott
Yea TX 11th   R   Pfluger, August
Yea FL 8th   R   Posey, Bill
Yea PA 14th   R   Reschenthaler, Guy
Yea SC 7th   R   Rice, Tom
Yea KY 5th   R   Rogers, Hal
Yea AL 3rd   R   Rogers, Mike
Yea TN 6th   R   Rose, John
Yea MT   R   Rosendale, Matthew
Yea NC 7th   R   Rouzer, David
Yea FL 4th   R   Rutherford, John
Yea LA 1st   R   Scalise, Steve
Yea AZ 6th   R   Schweikert, David
Yea TX 17th   R   Sessions, Pete
Yea NE 3rd   R   Smith, Adrian
Yea MO 8th   R   Smith, Jason
Yea PA 11th   R   Smucker, Lloyd
Yea NY 21st   R   Stefanik, Elise
Yea FL 17th   R   Steube, Gregory
Yea UT 2nd   R   Stewart, Chris
Yea PA 15th   R   Thompson, Glenn
Yea WI 7th   R   Tiffany, Thomas
Yea SC 4th   R   Timmons, William
Yea NJ 2nd   R   Van Drew, Jefferson
Yea TX 24th   R   Van Duyne, Beth
Yea MI 7th   R   Walberg, Tim
Yea IN 2nd   R   Walorski, Jackie
Yea TX 14th   R   Weber, Randy
Yea FL 11th   R   Webster, Daniel
Yea TX 25th   R   Williams, Roger
Yea SC 2nd   R   Wilson, Joe
Yea VA 1st   R   Wittman, Robert
Yea TX 6th   R   Wright, Ron
Yea NY 1st   R   Zeldin, Lee

Those who Cowered before the might of Mitch & Nancy

In the Senate, 93 Republican Senators voted against objection, mostly this is a whos’ who of Republicans-In-Name-Only, but some of the names voting nay were quite shocking.

Nay ME   R   Collins, Susan
Nay AK   R   Murkowski, Lisa
Nay OH   R   Portman, Rob
Nay NC   R   Burr, Richard
Nay KY   R   Paul, Rand
Nay SC   R   Graham, Lindsey
Nay KY   R   McConnell, Mitch
Nay PA   R   Toomey, Pat
Nay AK   R   Sullivan, Dan
Nay IN   R   Young, Todd
Nay IA   R   Grassley, Chuck
Nay UT   R   Lee, Mike
Nay NE   R   Sasse, Benjamin
Nay WV   R   Capito, Shelley
Nay WI   R   Johnson, Ron
Vote State Party Senator
Nay KS   R   Moran, Jerry
Nay LA   R   Cassidy, Bill
Nay ND   R   Hoeven, John
Nay ID   R   Crapo, Michael
Nay SD   R   Thune, John
Nay TN   R   Hagerty, Bill
Nay GA   R   Loeffler, Kelly
Nay UT   R   Romney, Mitt
Nay AL   R   Shelby, Richard
Nay SC   R   Scott, Tim
Nay NE   R   Fischer, Deb
Nay IN   R   Braun, Mike
Nay MO   R   Blunt, Roy
Nay MS   R   Wicker, Roger
Nay ID   R   Risch, James
Nay LA   R   Kennedy, John
Nay AR   R   Boozman, John
Nay ND   R   Cramer, Kevin
Nay WY   R   Barrasso, John
Nay MT   R   Daines, Steve
Nay FL   R   Rubio, Marco
Nay NC   R   Tillis, Thom
Nay OK   R   Lankford, James
Nay TX   R   Cornyn, John
Nay TN   R   Blackburn, Marsha
Nay SD   R   Rounds, Mike
Nay IA   R   Ernst, Joni
Yea TX   R   Cruz, Ted
Nay AR   R   Cotton, Tom
Nay OK   R   Inhofe, Jim

In the House of Representatives the following Republican Congressmen turned their back on their party, their President and most importantly: the American People.

Vote State Party Representative
Nay ND   R   Armstrong, Kelly
Nay NE 2nd   R   Bacon, Don
Nay OH 12th   R   Balderson, Troy
Nay KY 6th   R   Barr, Andy
Nay FL 16th   R   Buchanan, Vern
Nay IN 8th   R   Bucshon, Larry
Nay WY   R   Cheney, Liz
Nay KY 1st   R   Comer, James
Nay TX 2nd   R   Crenshaw, Dan
Nay UT 3rd   R   Curtis, John
Nay IL 13th   R   Davis, Rodney
Nay MN 6th   R   Emmer, Tom
Nay IA 4th   R   Feenstra, Randy
Nay GA 3rd   R   Ferguson, Drew
Nay PA 1st   R   Fitzpatrick, Brian
Nay NE 1st   R   Fortenberry, Jeff
Nay WI 8th   R   Gallagher, Mike
Nay NY 2nd   R   Garbarino, Andrew
Nay TX 23rd   R   Gonzales, Ernest
Nay OH 16th   R   Gonzalez, Anthony
Nay WI 6th   R   Grothman, Glenn
Nay KY 2nd   R   Guthrie, Brett
Nay WA 3rd   R   Herrera Beutler, Jaime
Nay AR 2nd   R   Hill, French
Nay IA 1st   R   Hinson, Ashley
Nay IN 9th   R   Hollingsworth, Trey
Nay MI 2nd   R   Huizenga, Bill
Nay SD   R   Johnson, Dusty
Nay NY 24th   R   Katko, John
Nay CA 39th   R   Kim, Young
Nay IL 16th   R   Kinzinger, Adam
Nay IL 18th   R   LaHood, Darin
Nay OH 5th   R   Latta, Robert
Nay SC 1st   R   Mace, Nancy
Nay KY 4th   R   Massie, Thomas
Nay TX 10th   R   McCaul, Michael
Nay CA 4th   R   McClintock, Tom
Nay NC 10th   R   McHenry, Patrick
Nay WV 1st   R   McKinley, David
Nay WA 5th   R   McMorris Rodgers, Cathy
Nay MI 3rd   R   Meijer, Peter
Nay IA 2nd   R   Miller-Meeks, Mariannette
Nay MI 4th   R   Moolenaar, John
Nay UT 1st   R   Moore, Blake
Nay WA 4th   R   Newhouse, Dan
Nay NY 23rd   R   Reed, Tom
Nay TX 21st   R   Roy, Chip
Nay GA 8th   R   Scott, Austin
Nay ID 2nd   R   Simpson, Mike
Nay NJ 4th   R   Smith, Chris
Nay IN 5th   R   Spartz, Victoria
Nay MN 8th   R   Stauber, Pete
Nay WI 1st   R   Steil, Bryan
Nay OH 15th   R   Stivers, Steve
Nay TX 3rd   R   Taylor, Van
Nay OH 10th   R   Turner, Michael
Nay MI 6th   R   Upton, Fred
Nay MO 2nd   R   Wagner, Ann
Nay FL 6th   R   Waltz, Michael
Nay OH 2nd   R   Wenstrup, Brad
Nay AR 4th   R   Westerman, Bruce
Nay AR 3rd   R   Womack, Steve
Nay AK   R   Young, Don

The Worst: The Ones Who Flipped

So now we come to it, last week we reported that 12 Brave Senators stood up for #ElectoralIntegrity and would object alongside Senators Cruz & Hawley, seven stood firm. However, Sens. Ron Johnson, R-Wis.; James Lankford, R-Okla.; Steve Daines, R-Mont.; Marsha Blackburn, R-Tenn., and Mike Braun, R-Ind., presented with quite possibly the most impactful vote of their political lives: flipped at the last moment and broke their word to the American people who were depending on them. Regrettably, they may never regain our trust.

The final votes stood thusly,

In the Objection to the Electoral College Votes of Arizona, the Senate voted against 93 to 6, the House voted against 303 to 121. In the Objection to the Electoral College Votes of Pennsylvania, the Senate voted against 92 to 7, the House voted against 282 to 138. 

Vice-President Mike Pence, having been advised by constitutional scholars of his ability to accept or reject votes a capacity widely reported upon in conservative media, rejected this capacity in a scathing rebuke of President Trump. In these actions from our Senators and Vice President: the results of the 2020 Election and the ultimate betrayal of 75 million Americans was sealed.

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