Being Hunter Biden’s Dealer Makes You a Target

When Hunter Biden’s fancy Soho art dealer learned his computer might have been compromised, he didn’t call the FBI, instead, he called the local police. As soon as NYPD learned who the victim was and what was being reported, THEY called the FBI. The gallery called in “a possible computer hack of its financial records.

Hunter’s art dealer hacked

Being Hunter Biden’s dealer can make you a target, his art agent learned. A “source close to the Georges Berges Gallery” made some extra pocket cash by tipping off the New York Post that “staff at a Soho art gallery representing Hunter Biden’s paintings called police Thursday to investigate a possible computer hack.

Berges has been cashing in by peddling Hunter Biden’s amateur paintings as if they were real art. All that matters to him is the price tag and the cut he gets from each one. Nobody is supposed to know who’s buying these paintings. Not the artist and especially not congressional investigators.

Berges has been collecting cash for Hunter Biden originals since 2021 and has been fiercely defending the customer list from prying eyes. His staff is afraid “that financial transactions have been hacked, after a client alerted them to a phony invoice requesting payment to an account not controlled by dealer Georges Berges.

They had to get the name of the client from somewhere. That made them especially nervous because they got a strange phone call a few days earlier. Their number isn’t exactly easy to come by.

New York Post reports that the data breech “days after staff discovered that the gallery’s phone number” had been “compromised” by “a number that had been traced to Turkey.

The dealer is also “part of a Republican-led probe” into Joe Biden and alleged family influence peddling. According to the insider, “staff feared that financial and personal information” related to Hunter Biden could be compromised.

Refused to disclose the buyers

So far, the dealer has “repeatedly refused to provide any information” to the congressional committee investigating the Biden family finances, especially not the names of the buyers or the price. Hunter is trying to get out of paying child support by claiming to be a starving artist.

He can’t be starving that bad when his paintings start in the 5 figure range. Not bad for an amateur.

Reporters tried to corner the dealer for comment but Berges declined. The police claimed that “the incident report had not yet gone into the system” as of Thursday afternoon. When James Comer heard about the data exploit he definitely took an interest. He’s up to his third letter begging, demanding and threatening Berges for the information he needs.

The gallery is fighting the subpoena tooth and nail but it may become a moot point real soon. Someone could dump the entire inventory sheet of what Hunter sold to who and for how much, just like what happened with his laptop photos this week.

Hunter has already had several shows hosted by his exclusive Soho neighborhood dealer. Rep. Comer has been trying to pry the sales information loose, along with “any ethics guidelines created in conjunction with the White House and/or Office of Government Ethics, pertaining to Hunter Biden’s art.” That means the confidentiality agreement.

The whole thing is just misdirection because a photo of a Biden piece hanging on a wall somewhere is all the “proof of purchase” it would take to get a meeting set up with the big guy. All it takes is an email to the appointment secretary with a line like “perhaps we could meet and discuss the matter while I show you my art collection…” See attached. Berges is beginning to wish he was Hunter’s crack dealer instead of his art connection.

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