Stashed Body: Months of Torture Then Strangled by Her Girlfriend

Police in New Rochelle, New York, got a tip about a body last September and County DA Mimi Rocah held a fresh press conference to announce the indictment on Monday. Rocah described just how far the neighborhood has deteriorated, since the days when Rob and Laura Petrie lived there with little Ritchie, on the Dick Van Dyke Show. Back when America was great, networks forced the TV couple to sleep on separate beds, since they weren’t really married. In real life, today, one lesbian can torture another for weeks and nobody in adjacent apartments bothers to report the screams. Somebody did report the cadaver though. Cops had no trouble tracking down the killer. She’s done this sort of thing before.

Body shows signs of torture

When police discovered what was left of Concetta Morton’s body in September of 2023, it had obvious signs of extended torture. The medical examiner concluded ultimate cause of death as strangulation. According to Westchester District Attorney Mimi Rocah, 41-year-old Kenya Tilford “also sexually abused and threatened three other intimate partners.

Tilford allegedly subjected Ms. Morton to around three months of “cruel and wanton” physical torture.

After she got done playing rough with her 27-year-old lesbian love toy, Tilford strangled her and stashed the remains in a storage bin. Police have receipts from a little shopping spree “to pick up bleach, rubber gloves, tarps and a chainsaw.

It’s not clear what happened after that but the body in the bin remained stashed in the apartment. It seems that the tip came in while she was out shopping and she learned it wasn’t wise to return home.

The facts disclosed by authorities are that Tilford “was busted on September 15 while hiding out at a hotel in Elmsford after cops got a tip about the body.” The eight-count indictment is soon to be a non-fiction bestseller.

It relates, without delving into the gory details, that she “tortured Morton between June 1 and September 14, 2023.” It wasn’t just a little torture but “in an especially cruel and wanton manner.” We’ll learn more from the trial.

One lesbian can torture another for weeks and nobody in adjacent apartments bothers to report screams.

Held without bail

Prosecutors are trying to nail Tilford with everything under the sun which might apply. They have her down on “first- and second-degree murder, first-degree strangulation, concealment of a human corpse and tampering with physical evidence.” That’s not all.

Separately “Tilford is charged with torturing Concetta Morton for three months before strangling her and dumping her body in a bin in her New Rochelle apartment.

In the other cases Tilford had pending which didn’t involve a body, the defendant is “charged with kidnapping, intimidating a victim or witness, third-degree assault, menacing, unlawful imprisonment, aggravated sexual abuse and coercion.

Her “intimate partners” don’t have good things to say about her on social media.

After police told the judge about how the body was stashed, after being tortured and strangled, followed by the suspect shopping for chain saws, it’s easy to see why Tilford is being held at the Westchester County Jail without bail.

Even liberal courts enforce some laws. Her next appearance in court is scheduled for July 16.

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