Rep. Cori Bush Caught in Nasty Situation

Cori Bush Caught Handing Over Campaign Payments to Husband

I have lost count of how many times I have stated that people today get into politics to get rich.

They also want to make friends and family rich.

They do this by dipping their paws into campaign funds and spreading the wealth.

That is exactly what Rep. Cori Bush is doing, only she is also benefiting from this.

Here, Honey

Bush is sharing her honey pot with, well, her honey.

Reports surfaced a while back that Bush was dating a member of her security team that was making a boatload of cash from her campaign funds.

Well, those two got married, and the cash has continued to flow.

In fact, Cortney Merritts is now officially on the payroll of Cori Bush.

Since January 2022, he has been paid about $90,000… not a bad salary for being the husband of a politician.

Bush claims the payments are for security work, but it seems pretty obvious this is just dipping into the campaign funds to better her own life.

Ted Harvey, chairman of the Committee to Defeat the President, stated, “It turns out members of ‘The Squad’ aren’t the progressive revolutionaries they claim to be; they’re just run-of-the-mill Beltway grifters.”

He continued, “She either paid her ex-lover and now-husband to perform illegal work, or just paid him meretriciously.

“But, either way, she broke the law and fumbled the cover-up.

“Americans deserve better, and our Committee is determined to hold her accountable in Washington, D.C., and back in Missouri, the same way any Republican would be held accountable by the radical Left.”

After the initial reports surfaced, Merritts’ payments were changed from “security services” to “wage expenses” but that is just Bush trying to move the needle due to scrutiny.

By the way, as of February, Merritts was not actually licensed to provide private security, so there are clearly some laws being broken here.

Like Harvey said… they are just grifters.

Source: Fox News

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