Here is Your Newest Democrat Hoax

The latest liberal hoax is that President Donald Trump is conspiring with Vladimir Putin to “discredit democracy.” Nancy Pelosi is seriously on the defensive after being caught in an illegal sanctuary hair salon. The only thing she can think of is to beat the dead Russian horse.


Just another Democrat hoax

Democrats are still going spastic about the comment that Attorney General Barr made about the Chinese being a bigger threat than the Russians ever were. After House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was busted breaking Covid quarantines for a personal hair appointment in an illegal salon, she had to come out biting and snarling. The best defense she could come up with was another Russia hoax to spread disinformation about the spread of disinformation.

Pelosi cautiously broke her cover to appear at the MSNBC studio on Sunday to “talk about spreading misinformation.” The hoax monger then proceeded to detail how Putin and the Kremlin are calling the shots in America. “I want to talk to you also about how Putin often times tries to use this idea that by attacking the integrity of the election it actually ensures that people may not vote.”

She goes completely unhinged with her hoax conspiracy theory when she accuses the president of collaborating to steal the election. Everybody knows, its the Democrats who are the experts at that. “Do you think that the President it telegraphing something very similar here? He’s trying to do voter suppression by questioning whether someone’s vote will be valid?”

Not counting a dead person’s vote is ‘suppression’

Let’s see, if an invalid person casts an invalid vote, not counting it is “suppression?” As Pelosi confirmed, “Yes, indeed. I think that’s exactly what his purpose is.” Pelosi’s outrage is an obvious hoax because what she’s actually saying is that a vote from a dead person “will not be voted as cast,” like it’s a bad thing. It proves that Democrats are depending on the zombie vote. Doing it by mail makes it that much easier.

According to Nancy Pelosi, Micky Mouse, Donald Duck and other prominent California citizens are being unfairly disenfranchised. She teamed up with Charles Schumer to spread the hoax around by “writing to our colleagues about this very subject that again undermines the legitimacy of our elections.”

The way nasty Nancy sees it, Vladimir Putin “likes to discredit democracy.” That automatically means that “the president is being an accomplice in that and what he is saying.” The way she holds on to the obvious hoax makes people wonder what was in the hair tonic. The thing that really cheeses off the Democrats is that the President is using their tactics against them, urging conservatives to go ahead and test how secure the system is by voting twice. Democrats know exactly how easy that is, which is why they are so scared.


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