She Slept With 10,000 Men in ONE YEAR…Here’s Her Reason WHY…

In a recent podcast interview, viral porn star Sophie Anderson discussed the number of people she slept with during her time as a sex worker and her reasoning for it.

Apparently both Anderson and her co-star Rebecca More went viral online via Twitter. After that point, the two have become icons of the LGBT community for not only their outrageous looks but personalities as well.

33-year-old Anderson went on to confess that she had slept with over 10,000 people just last year.

Her reason? To earn a hefty salary as a porn star actress.

While talking on the podcast The Fellas, Anderson told hosts Calfreezy and Chip that she “was seeing at least ten to twenty clients a day” when she first began her porn career.

“I was seeing at least 10-20 clients a day,” Anderson told The Fellas podcast. The host later added, “If you’re saying that, that means you’ve slept with around 80,000 people [in your career].”

“That sounds about right,” she agreed.

Both Anderson and More have since moved to the popular online platform OnlyFans, where they can be their own bosses. However, Anderson recalls her past experiences in the porn industry dealing with violence and greedy bosses.

“In the massage parlors, it was like 80 pounds ($92), but the management would take your first two clients, so you don’t get anything for the first two,” Anderson told The Fellas hosts. “At the end of the day, that’s your f—ing body, I want to be paid top dollar.”

The 33-year-old also explained how sex is therapeutic for her, saying “Honestly it’s mental. The only way I could stay sane is to have sex.”

Recently, however, the actress was forced to prioritize her health after experiencing complications with her breast implants. That has not stopped her from wanting more surgery, though, as she hopes to continue her journey in plastic surgery.

Watch the video below for more details:



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